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Day 3432: Doing a good job

Doing a good job is important to me, although I often remind people that we are worthy no matter what we are doing or not doing. In a therapy group yesterday, I repeated (on National Repeat Day) that we are human beings, NOT human doings, so we need to try to accept and love ourselves even when we’re not doing well.

Part of doing a good job as a daily blogger is capturing images, looking at them in the morning, and coming up with a title and theme that fits.

Do you think I’m doing a good job with today’s blog post?

The Daily Bitch calendar is doing a good job reassuring us today. And I’m doing a good job on National Hug Your Cat Day hugging our cat Joan (seen above doing a good job on her first visit to her new vet and also helping me unpack).

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “doing a good job.”

Thanks to all who support me in doing a good job here and elsewhere, including YOU!

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Day 2692: News you can use

Since so many people are telling me that they are avoiding the news these days, I’m hoping to provide some news you can use, here and now, including these headlines:

  • My panel discussion of providing therapy groups remotely  during the pandemic went very well yesterday.
  • I’ll be performing my original song “Triggers” at an online Open Mic tonight.
  • As always, I’m doing my best to lose my investment in the outcome while remaining totally committed to the process.
  • I take selfies with my cat.



Is there any news you can use in these new photos?













More news you can use:

This may be more news you can use. My husband Michael and I have an old private joke, where we have this exchange:

Me: Michael!  This (and I describe some thing that occurred that day) happened and guess what I did?

Michael: You cried.

I cry at lots of things, including Some Good News.

We can all use gratitude, so thanks to all who help me create these daily blogs, including YOU.


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