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Day 735: Monday matters

Today, on this first Monday of 2015, I am:

All of these actions matter to me, this Monday morning.

This morning, before I leave for the day, I am telling myself:

I matter, as much as anybody else in this world.

That mantra matters to me. It also matters to me to invite you to imagine what phrase might help you, today.







If you thought of a helpful phrase that matters to you, I invite you to say it to yourself (and to share it here, if you choose).

I’m reminded of a mindfulness exercise I use, in my groups, whenever somebody new is present (which matters a great deal). In this exercise:

  • when we breathe in, we think of something we want to take in from the universe and
  • when we breathe out, we think of something we want to let go of.

Today, I choose to breathe in hope and breathe out fear (which matters and helps).

Yesterday, it mattered to bring along Penny the Pen with me and boyfriend Michael (who matters a lot), as we went walking and then food-shopping at our local supermarket.  Would it matter to you if I showed you some photos?

IMG_4475 IMG_4478 IMG_4476 IMG_4489IMG_4484 IMG_4493IMG_4494 IMG_4496 IMG_4498 IMG_4499 IMG_4502

This song mattered to me, when I was growing up in the Northeastern USA:

(If it matters to you, you can find “Monday Monday” by The Mamas & The Papas here.)

Many thanks to Michael, to Vahan (previously appearing in this post, which  mattered to me when I wrote it), to Mamas & Papas, to children & adults everywhere, to colorful flowers and other blossoming things, and to you, who matters on Monday and every other day of the week.

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