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Day 1446: Safe places

What are safe places, for you?   That’s the question I asked people in the safe place of my therapy group last night.

WordPress is a safe place for me to share how I answered my own question:



Are there safe places  in any of my other photos from yesterday?








Today, even though the temperatures are SOOOO COOOOLD  in  New England (where they hate us because they ain’t us), I’m going to safely visit many places including cardiac rehab, the clinic where I get my INR blood levels tested, my workplace, and the south shore of Boston (which may be a safe place to relocate to).

YouTube is a safe place for me to find music and musicians I love.


Your secret’s safe with us if you comment in a safe place, below.

Safe-placed thanks to all who helped me  safely create this post and to you — of course! — for making this place safer, here and now.



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