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Day 3145: Headlines

Sometimes, in my Coping and Healing groups, I ask people this question: if there were a 24-hour cable news network devoted to reporting about you, what would the headlines be?

For ANN (Ann Network News), the top headline would be “New Cat Joan Spectacular Addition to Home.”

Of course, if my imaginary cable news network were a typical one, the headline might be “New cat infiltration causes chaos and conflict. Old cat asks ‘Why?’” That deceptive one is much more likely to increase viewership and sell more products.

Do you see headlines in my other images for today?

Another ANN headline might be “August 11 National Day: Ann asks ‘Why?’”

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “headlines.”

What would the headlines be for your personal 24-hour news network?

Here’s my final headline for today’s blog: “Ann Incredibly Grateful For Everything in Her Life, Including YOU.”

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