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Day 1088: Oh what fun

Oh what fun it is to create this blog post for you and for me, on Christmas eve day.

Oh what fun it was for me to see this last night, accompanied by my son Aaron and my boyfriend Michael:


Oh what fun it is for me to share this familiar song with the lyrics “Oh what fun.”

Oh what fun it would be to do this …


… and this:


Oh what fun I had taking all these other photos yesterday:










Oh what fun it is, for me, to:

  • live near such interesting places,
  • have another day on this earth,
  • spend time with those I love, and
  • do work that is fulfilling, a great fit for my talents and interests, and more fun than others might imagine.

Oh what fun it would be if you commented, below.

Oh what fun I hope you had, here and now.



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Day 455: Guess

In yesterday’s post, which had lots of sentences, this was one of them:

Guess where Bernard blogs?

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, I love guessing games.  I often ask people to guess things, and I enjoy when people ask me to guess, too.

I’m guessing I love guessing games because that was a tradition in my family. When I was growing up, my father, mother, sister, and I would try to guess something somebody was thinking about, by asking Yes or No Questions.  For example, my father might say, “Guess who I saw today?”  and the game was afoot.

Later, I remember driving with my sister and my young son to visit my mother, and the three of us playing that same game in the car. “Guess what I did last weekend?”  Or somebody would start a story, “Something happened … ” and somebody would say, “Wait!  Let us guess what it was!”

I think it’s fun to guess.  Although — as I’ve written about before (guess how many times!) —  guessing things, without balancing that with reality testing, can sometimes lead to confusion, errors, and pain.

Something I’m not sure of: Should there be a question mark at the end of a “Guess” invitation, like the one about our fellow blogger above?  Is that a question or a statement?


I have to end this blog post early today.  Would anybody like to guess why?

One more game, before I go:  Guess what item in my local supermarket has this incredible price per pound:


This is too much fun!  I don’t want this post to end.

I just HAVE to tell you this:  Here’s actual dialog between Michael and me, earlier this morning:

Ann: I’ve got to go blog.

Michael: What’s today’s topic, baby?

Ann: “Guess.”

Michael: Work?

Ann: No. That’s the topic.

Michael: What?

Ann: “Guess.”

Michael: I can’t. What is it?

Ann: (laughter)

Guess what that reminds me of?

Thanks to my family, to Michael, to guessers everywhere, and to you — of course! — for reading (and, I hope, guessing) today.

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Day 248: Random thoughts on fun.

This post is dedicated to my father, who was lots of fun.

I like having fun.

Fun is …..

Hey!  It’s time for a google definition.




1.  enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.
“the children were having fun in the play area”
synonyms: enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, pleasure
antonyms: boredom, misery

2.  playful behavior or good humor.
“she’s full of fun”
behavior or an activity that is intended purely for amusement and should not be interpreted as having serious or malicious purposes.
“it was nothing serious; they just enjoyed having some harmless fun”
(of a place or event) providing entertainment or leisure activities for children.
“a 33-acre movie-themed fun park”

amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable.

“it was a fun evening”
synonyms: enjoyable, entertaining, amusing, diverting, pleasurable, pleasing, agreeable, interesting More


joke or tease.

“no need to get sore—I was only funning”

How about Google Images for “fun”?

Most of the images that come up, at least on the first page, are about the band Fun:


The name of that Fun song reminds me of London.

We saw lots of these t-shirts in London:


Lots and lots of t-shirts like those.  And variations,  too:


More variations:





My original Google Images search, this morning, was on the word “fun.” Here’s another image that came up for that search:


That image reminds me of the wonderful blog, toemail, self-described as “PICTURES OF TOES, PICTURES OF FEET, MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, ONE FOOT AT A TIME.”

Which reminds me of this other image, which came up for “fun”:


I can easily get distracted when I’m having fun.

I guess that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

One more image, that came up for “fun”:


I wanted to end with this image, because my original thought, when choosing this topic today, was about having fun tomorrow, Friday, when I give a presentation at work.

Because I think I can!

Thanks for reading, everybody.

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