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Day 2203: Consider the source

Consider the source of today’s post — it’s my blog!  Is that a source you trust, know, can vouch for?  Is it a source that’s helpful, doubtful, consistent, confusing, reliable, familiar, new, or whatever for YOU?

Consider that the source of this post is a discussion earlier this week in a therapy group, where the participants were evaluating negative messages they had heard from others.   When I asked people in the group to consider one of the antidotes to cognitive distortions — Consider the Source — they considered that a helpful cognitive reframe.

Consider the source of this definition of “Consider the Source,”  which is this list of antidotes for unhelpful thoughts.

Consider the Source. If you’re receiving negative, upsetting messages, take a step back and look at where those messages are coming from. Is that source reliable? Is it usually negative? How do other people see that source?  If the source is your own internalized critic, consider that you may be too harsh on yourself.

Consider the source of today’s photos — it’s my iPhone!






When you consider the source, you might think

  • yippee!
  • hooray!
  • way to go!
  • high five!
  • terrific!
  • you got it!
  • RIGHT!
  • too bad!
  • sorry!
  • try again!
  • not quite!
  • next time!
  • oh well!
  • WRONG!

Here‘s Consider the Source with “Many Words of Disapproval.”


Consider leaving a comment, below.

Consider the source of extreme gratitude for all who help create these blogs and for all who read them — it’s me!



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Day 2199: Making _______ Bright

In my geographic location, as we approach the day with the fewest hours of light, it’s especially important to be making things bright.

How have you been making things bright? I’ve been making things bright by

  • Connecting with other people,
  • Blogging, and
  • Taking photos of things that brighten my day.

I just looked on YouTube for Bruce Springsteen singing a Chanukah song; I hope what I did find (here, here, and here) will be making this blog bright.


As always, gratitude makes things bright, so bright thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog and — of course! — to YOU.

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Day 1454: Original

In all the original posts in this original and daily  blog (which I originated on January 1, 2013),  there is not one post with the word “original” in the title. Until this original day.

Originally, I was going to start today’s post by showing you these two original photos.



My boyfriend, Michael (who is original in many ways), loves Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, so when we were in the original city of Quincy Massachusetts yesterday, we stopped there for a coffee break.  It’s not exactly original, but one of my presents for Michael is a gift card for Dunkin’ Donuts, which he can use at any of their locations, original or otherwise.

Do you see anything original in my other original photos from yesterday?












I feel free and brave enough in this land to mention that I originally thought tonight’s combination of  Christmas Eve and Hanukkah Eve was an original in my lifetime. This article (which was originally written in 2005 in  Houston, Texas)  reports that the overlap is not so original.

Here and here are some musical greetings for this totally original day of December 24, 2016.


Though it’s been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and many thanks to you!


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