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Day 3016: How are we all supposed to stay sane?

Five insane years ago, I posted this on Facebook:

How do you think we all did? Did we stay sane? And how the hell did we stay sane through THOSE five years? (I’m not going to recount all the insane things we went through for reasons of sanity).

Personally, I stayed sane by sharing my thoughts, feelings, and images with you here, every day.

It’s amazing I’ve stayed sane through all these years.

Music definitely helps me stay sane.

Here’s to many more years of staying sane together!

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Day 2302: Big kisses

Big kisses to









Big kisses to the wonderful people from my group psychotherapy organization who wrote “joy”, “passion,” “change”, ” positivity”, “love”, and other things on those beach stones at a retreat last fall.

Big kisses to these two for creating this video:

There’s a big list of songs with “kiss” in the title, including “Prelude to a Kiss,”

“Kiss on My List,”

and “The Perfect Kiss.”

Big kisses to Duke Ellington, Hall & Oates, and New Order.

Big kisses and thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU!



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Day 1567: It’s all about you

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post titled “It’s all about me.”  Now, thanks to a teabag I saw yesterday, it’s all about you.


You, you, you. It’s all about you.

You would love my friend Barbara. When you visit, she gives you tea and takes you on great walks near the water.




You know what’s good for you?  Barbara would tell you it’s all about coloring.



Hey, you! If you observe Easter, Happy Easter.  If you observe Passover, Happy Passover.

It’s all about you no matter what you observe,  so here are more photos I took for you.










Which of those photos do you like best? Are any of them all about you?

“It’s All about You” is here for you, on YouTube.

If you like, you can leave a comment that’s all about you.

In the beginning is you, in the middle is you and in the end is you.

In the end, it’s all about my gratitude for you.


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Day 1182: Be great, feel great, act great



Be great — like my son creating this video for his friend Clark’s birthday yesterday, using found footage and videos he shot with my iPhone:

Feel great — like I feel about my son (and all the people who agreed to be in that video).

Act great — like the people in that video.

Let’s see if we can all be great, feel great, and/or act great — here and now — about some other things I saw yesterday:


Be great, feel great, act great by having a wonderful Easter, everybody!

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