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Day 2989: Happy International Women’s Day!

This international woman is happy that there is an international women’s day we can all celebrate together. I also have something else to celebrate today: the birthday of an international woman I have frequently featured in this blog — my life-long friend Barbara (recently appearing here with her brilliant thoughts about the importance of minor adjustments).

How do you plan to celebrate international women’s day? I am celebrating it by sharing these images captured by and featuring women:

Personally, I think women should brag more.

To celebrate international women’s day, here are Andra Day and Bonnie Raitt performing “Rise Up.”

Thanks to international women everywhere and to YOU!

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Day 2259: Reassuring

I find it reassuring that

  • I’m pretty sure I know how to spell “reassuring,”
  • so many people read and comment about my blog,
  • I have life-long friends like Barbara, whose birthday was yesterday,
  • even though my son, Aaron, tells me I need more reassuring than most people, I’m getting better and better at reassuring myself,
  • I’m not freaking out about tax season this year,
  • I’m not stressing about a presentation next week, and
  • at two thousand two hundred and ninety-five consecutive blog posts, I can still find post titles I haven’t used before, like “Reassuring.”

What do you find reassuring?

Shall we see if there’s anything reassuring in my photos from yesterday?  Sure!

















It’s reassuring to me and probably to her therapy patients that my co-worker Alice has so many stress balls in her office.

Here‘s a playlist  on YouTube titled “Hopeful Reassuring Songs.”

It’s reassuring that there are almost fifty songs on that playlist, including “All Will Be Well,” “There’s Nothing Wrong with You” and “Brave.”

It would be reassuring to me if you left a comment, but please do whatever is reassuring for you.

Reassuring thanks to all who helped me create this reassuring post and — of course! — to YOU.


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