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Day 480: A good cry (and a half pie)

I believe in the power of a good cry.  That is, when you are sad, disappointed, dealing with loss, tears are appropriate, people!

I don’t care what judgmental things you have heard or thought about crying ! It’s good for you. Crying releases endorphins and has other health benefits. Look it up!

In my work as a psychotherapist, I often see people who judge their feelings and expressions of sadness.  They tell me that crying is:

  • A sign of weakness.
  • Something to hide.
  • Only appropriate for children.

I hear that from women AND men (though men, indubitably, get more negative messages about crying in my culture).

I do my best, at work, to provide a “safe enough” place to cry.  For example, I have lots of tissues available. Plus, I work really hard at communicating these passionate beliefs: Crying is

  1. human,
  2. a natural response to loss and hurt, and
  3. NOT a reason to feel ashamed.

People, after they have cried in my office, are often afraid that others, outside, will be able to tell, and judge them for that. I am always happy to tell them that the tracks of their tears are NOT as obvious as they fear.  Think about it: if you saw somebody walking around with eyes that had been recently weeping, would you know they’d been crying?  I think not, with so many other reasonable explanations available (including seasonal allergies, these days).

So why am I writing about this, today?

Well, I must confess:  I am feeling some sadness and discouragement about my health. And earlier this morning, I cried.

And I  feel a little better.

I don’t have any photos of myself crying (for several reasons), so …

Let’s see what Google Images has for “Good Cry” on this beautiful spring morning!

In order of appearance:

download (19)

(I found that image here)


download (20)

(I found that image here


Good Cry

(I found that image here)



(I found that image here)


Wow!  I’m  glad that so many people agree with me, so publicly.

Now, you may be thinking, at this point, “Okay, Ann’s dealt with the whole good cry thing, for sure, but what about that half pie, in the post title?”

Excellent observation and question, dear readers.

Here’s your answer:

During one of my few, recent ventures outside (as I’ve been recovering from pneumonia), my bf Michael and I paid a  short visit to our local Whole Foods Market. I am always aware of new products and marketing trends during such trips, since I am quite fascinated by things I have not seen before.

During that visit to Whole Foods, I noticed these new things:

  • Sweet potato yogurt (not pictured)
  • Carrot yogurt (not pictured)
  • And a new pie delivery system, as follows:

photo (98)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Whole Foods Market is now selling half pies.

Perhaps entire pies can feel too overwhelming.

Hmmmm. Now that I think of it, maybe my cry, this morning, wasn’t a full portion, either.

I predict the following: more servings of cries AND pies, in my near future.

And it’s all good!

Thanks to Megan Amram, Lori Meyer,, and bekahmarie8 (for the images); to Whole Foods (for the pie and other food innovations); to all those who are dealing with sadness and loss the best they can; and to you — of course! — for visiting today.

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