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Day 804: Timeless

I have less time to write this morning, because I’ll be spending less time than 9 hours at a retreat with other group therapists today. 

I’ve had less time for all my usual routines this weekend because of today’s group therapy retreat and the two performances of Arlington Children’s Theater production of Hairspray that I attended yesterday, with two different casts.

I took some time to take some timeless shots of Hairspray yesterday:


(Those photos might make more sense if — at some point — you take more time to look at yesterday’s post.)

Because we had less time for food shopping this weekend, I took  timeless supermarket photos on Saturday, not Sunday:

Do you think I should have spent less or more time taking photos yesterday?

I’ll wait no time before showing you two versions of today’s song, “Timeless to Me” from  Hairspray:

It took me less time than two shakes of a bunny’s tale to find John Travolta and Christopher Walken singing “Timeless to Me” on YouTube and a little more time to find that UK stage version with Michael Ball and Micky Dolenz (who I spent a lot of time watching on The Monkees, more time ago than I can imagine).

I have less time than a half-hour to get ready for today’s group therapy retreat, so here’s just a little more about “Timeless”:

  • What’s timeless to me might not be timeless to you,
  • I hope to spend less time —  today and all my tomorrows — worrying about taking up the  “right” amount of time and space, and
  • My bf Michael took a lot less time making these than I would have:

Timeless thanks to Michael (for taking the time to make those three quiches for today’s retreat); to my niece Victoria and my son Aaron for the time they gave to ACT’s Hairspray; to John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Micky Dolenz, and Michael Ball; to all the timeless performers appearing in this post; and more thanks to you for spending more time here, today. 

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Day 803: Points

There are several points I’d like to make in today’s post. This point is as good as any other point to start making these points:

  • This point in time is a one-point-in-a-century Pi Day in the USA, because if you remove the slashes in today’s date — 3/14/15 — and replace the first one with a decimal point, you get the first five numbers of Pi: 3.1415.
  • At points during this morning, my son Aaron (who turned 17 at the precise point of 2/23 last month) will be taking his SATs (which stood for Scholastic Aptitude Tests, at some point).
  • Aaron’s  pointed answers to those pointed test questions might  point him towards  some pointy-headed colleges, and he needs two pointy #2 pencils to take the test.
  • At 10 o’clock this morning, I will be seeing the musical “Hairspray” during which I’ll probably point at the stage at some point and  whisper to my ex-sister-in-law, Deborah: “Look! It’s my great niece and your granddaughter, Victoria!”
  • 10 AM in the morning is a surprisingly early point to see a live musical, if you get my point.
  • At all the other performances of “Hairspray” this weekend, my son Aaron is responsible for pointing the lights at the actors.
  • Tomorrow, Sunday — a point in my  week when I’m usually relaxing — I will be spending point-in-time  9 AM to point-in-time 4 PM at a retreat where 20+ people will be making points about a subject they feel pointedly passionate about: group therapy.

It is now that point in my posts where I show you what I’ve pointed my iPhone camera at, recently:

I’d like to point out — in that last photo — that there are no points on those two #2 pencils my son is holding. Aaron made the point he’ll give those two pencils some pointy points with a pencil sharpener at the testing center.

Soon after I pointed my camera at Aaron this morning,  I remembered the point that it’s bad luck to wish somebody luck at any point before a performance, so instead of saying “Good Luck” or “Break a leg!” to him, I said, “Break a pencil!”

Here’s a song I’ll be hearing and seeing at one point and Aaron wil be seeing and hearing at four points this weekend:

If you can’t start the beat of “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray, you can find it on YouTube, at any point.

Have you ever heard it’s impolite to point? Feel free to get points with me by making points about that or about any other points or photos  in this post, in a pointed comment.

Pointed thanks to Aaron, Deborah, and Victoria; to people who do healing work in groups; to Pi; to pencils with points; to Hairspray (which I typed differently at various points); to all who helped me make the points in this post; to semi-colons (which are just commas with points over them); and — even more pointedly — to my readers, who are more than a thousand points of light in my life, at this point.

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