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Day 878: Bangs!

Bangs are:

  1. loud noises and
  2. a hairstyle.


I knew “Bangs!” would be the post title today.


I am sensitive to noises, so loud ones can make me jump.


I’m seeing Mia, my fabulous hair stylist, in two days and I have an idea for a perhaps bangingly radical new look, which includes bangs.


I saw my EMDR therapist yesterday, and we are working on getting rid of the following unhelpful, habitual, very old thought that can bang around, painfully, in my head:

My needs and feelings don’t matter.


Every so often, I have a moment of fear regarding the June 6 workshop presentation I’ll be giving about my therapy groups (coming up in bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang 9 days).


I let go of that fear, in the very next moment.


If my heart stops, for any reason, my new Implantable Cardiac Device (ICD) will automatically start it again, with a


bang, bang,  bang, bang, bang,  bang, bang …

Every time my ICD paces my heartbeat, I can feel that, in my core.


I sometimes have trouble sleeping, when there are too many thoughts banging around in my head.

Bang! I took each of these photos yesterday;



Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Those guinea pigs my bf Michael and I saw at PetSmart last night kept jumping, as if they were hearing bangs.

Bang! Bang! Bang!  Michael and I made these comments at PetSmart:

  • “Look! It’s the Orson Welles of guinea pigs.”
  • “According to that vaccine date, Squeaky’s a cat from the future.”
  • “Those guinea pigs jump like pop corn.”

Bang! Bang! 

Here are two songs about Bangs:


That’s the sound of you, leaving a comment.

Bang! I’m thanking Michael the boyfriend, Mia the hairstylist, George the EMDR therapist, Harley and Winston and Squeaky the cats, my ICD and other things that go Bang,  the Orson Welles and the popcorns of guinea pigs, They Might be Giants, Nancy Sinatra, and — bang! — you, for whatever noises you make today.

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