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Day 1046: Great

When people describe progress and other positive things — at work and elsewhere —  I often hear myself saying


If you think puns are great, we might say I’m great-ful.

Last night, my great boyfriend Michael and I saw this:

I thought that was great that this great cat

has overcome great fear to believe that people are great.

Which of these photos do my great readers think are great?



All this greatness makes me think of the great Alec Baldwin impersonating Tony Bennett (one of the greats) and singing “I Like Things that are Great.” I couldn’t find that great song anywhere  on great YouTube, but I did find this other great Saturday Night Live skit:

If any of my great readers finds “I Love Things That Are Great,” that would be great if you could post it in a comment below. Actually, any comment would be great.

Speaking of great-ful:

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