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Day 3716: Do you have a problem?

Do you have a problem? You’re not alone.

Do you have a problem with my first image for today?

Do you have a problem reading what’s under “Hide” in that helpful diagram? Don’t worry.

Do you have a problem believing that when I first saw that diagram I thought I was supposed to hide if I had a problem?

Do you have a problem with the fact that I’m creating today’s blog post really quickly because I have to catch a train to NYC for a week-long group therapy conference?

Do you have a problem with any of my other images for today?

Do you have a problem believing that cheese doodles are one of my favorite snacks?

Do you have a problem watching this YouTube video

or this one?

Do you have a problem commenting below or accepting my gratitude, here and now?

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Day 3570: Worth waiting for

In an EMDR therapy session last week when I was processing some recent medical scares, I came up with a helpful and healing phrase.

I’m worth waiting for.

I’ve been waiting my whole life to feel worthy enough to believe that.

I hope the full explanation of today’s title is worth waiting for — I’ll reveal it after I share today’s images (which include other things worth waiting for).

Some of today’s National Days were worth waiting for, although I don’t know why that list doesn’t include “Indigenous People’s Day.”

That magic hat I ordered online was worth waiting for and I’m going to use it a week from today in an IN-PERSON Coping and Healing group, which was also worth waiting for.

That other reason why today’s title is “worth waiting for?” A great construction crew is coming today to work on our upstairs bathroom, which has been worth waiting for.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “worth waiting for.”


I know your comments are worth waiting for and I hope my gratitude is, too!

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Day 3391: National Reach As High As You Can Day

On National Reach As High As You Can Day, I continue to have trouble reaching many of the shelves in our cabinets.

I swear this place was designed by very tall people.

As they say, a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, and I sometimes have to ask my man to grasp and retrieve groceries that he puts away out of my reach.

Here’s an explanation of National Reach As High As You Can Day:

I wish I could reach high into that paragraph and change the comma between “ways” and “however” to a semi-colon, but that change exceeds my grasp.

Now I need to reach as high as I can into the images stored on my iPhone, hoping to reach you with these:


On this multi-faceted day, I also want to reach out to my ex-spouse, who reads this blog. Hi, Leon!

I’m reaching way back in time to retrieve “Reach Out Of The Darkness” by Friend & Lover:

If you have any thoughts or feelings about this post, please reach down to the comments section below.

Gratitude is never out of reach, so thanks to all who help me reach my goal of blogging every day, including YOU!

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Day 3238: What’s something you’re looking forward to?

Last night, when I was looking forward to my last day of work before my vacation, I posted this on Twitter:

I’m looking forward to facilitating a therapy group today and going to New York City on Monday with my son Aaron. I’m also looking forward to seeing the Sondheim musical Company and Late Night with Stephen Colbert in NYC.

I’m looking forward to sharing these images with you today.


Now I’m looking forward to pizza and chicken soup for the soul. What’s something you’re looking forward to?

I found this when I searched YouTube for “what’s something you’re looking forward to”:

I look forward to a day when I don’t worry so much about grammar.

I’m looking forward to your comment about this post!

I hope you look forward to my gratitude, because I really appreciate YOU!

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Day 127: Reasons why somebody hasn’t e-mailed you back yet

Somebody wonderful I know, named Mia, recently said to me, “You know what, Ann?  I’ve realized something. I’m not the only one who doesn’t respond to e-mails.”  And that clicked with something I had been thinking about.

In every relationship involving a back-and-forth communication (which would include every friggin’ relationship), one person is waiting for a response from another person.

In every relationship, at any particular point in time, one person is waiting for a response (and  is perhaps wondering what the wait means) and the other person hasn’t responded yet (and is perhaps feeling guilty about that).

That, ladies and gentlemen, leads us to this:

Reasons Why Somebody Hasn’t E-mailed (or called or texted or otherwise contacted) You Back Yet
by Ann
  1. They* are waiting until they get enough space in their lives, so they can give you the time you deserve and a response they think is worthwhile.
  2. They responded to you by THINKING what they wanted to say, and then confused that with sending an actual e-mail.
  3. There is some task required or some information they need before they can respond to you effectively.
  4. They have some complicated feelings about you and may be waiting for those to resolve.
  5. They tend to respond more quickly to the people they are worried about, and they are not worried about you.
  6. While they are waiting for the right time to respond, they become overwhelmed by having to juggle too many priorities, and they lose track of things.
  7. They believe you don’t need a response from them.
  8. They took in what you communicated, appreciated it, and moved on.
  9. They don’t think they’re important to you, thus assuming you won’t care whether or not they respond.
  10. You’re not  important enough to them.

If you’re like me (and a lot of other people I know), you might assume the reason is that last one (because that would be your worst fear, people).

Look at all those other possibilities, though! Chances are that the last reason is NOT the most accurate one. (Although it could be.) (Still, probably less often than you think.)

Can you think of other helpful reasons  to include in this list?  Are there some other reasons why YOU might not respond back to somebody in your life?

Thanks to Mia and all the other people in my life who helped me think about this post. And thanks to you, for reading.

* For you grammar fans out there, I am preferring to use “they” instead of “he or she.”  Feel free to protest that decision; I would be delighted to read what you have to say about that.
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