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Day 1217: It’s May!

May I share this song about May, from the musical Camelot?

May I also share that I used to sing and dance to the music of  Camelot alone in my basement during the early 1960s and then got to do that on stage in the 1970s?


May I point out that I’m to the right of the Maypole and the sheepdog?

May I share LOTS of photos from yesterday’s Sheep Shearing Festival?












May I apologize for how long it took to load and/or look at all those photos?

May I say how much fun I always have at the Sheep Shearing Festival? May I also say that missing it last year (because of cardiac-related surgery) and the year before (because of pneumonia) made me appreciate it, even more?

May I show you two more photos, taken on this 1st day of May?


May I sheepishly ask you to leave a comment?

Many May thanks to all who helped me create this May Day post and to you — of course! — for visiting as you may.

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