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Day 784: Spilling

Yesterday, when I was in San Francisco Bay area with my friend-since-single-digit-ages Lawry, I spilled some things.

I spilled:

  • olive oil,
  • water,
  • thoughts, and
  • feelings.

Much to my relief and delight, Lawry and his wonderful wife Patty did not seem to mind any of those spills. I hereby award them Best Supporting Oscars for supporting me in my spilling during the Oscar Ceremony.

Sometimes, I have spill-o-phobia (mentioned before in this here post). As with any phobia and fear, I would like to let go of that, especially since I’ll be attending a group psychotherapy conference in San Francisco, starting tomorrow.  During that conference, I will be learning about group therapy by participating in group therapy with other group therapists. And, like any other group therapy member, I will benefit greatly if I let go of the fear of spilling in front of strangers.

Here’s something else I want to spill:

It’s my son Aaron’s 17th birthday, today!

This is the first time Aaron and I have spent his birthday away from each other. And we are VERY far away. Right now, he is spilling in the land of ice-and-snow on the East Coast and I am spilling in the land of warmth-and-beauty in California.

More spilling, from me:

No matter how far apart my son and I might be, I love and respect him, very much.

Now I’d like to spill, in this post, some warmth and beauty from yesterday:

IMG_5934 IMG_5946IMG_5949 IMG_5952IMG_5959 IMG_5969 IMG_5971 IMG_5972 IMG_5977 IMG_5978 IMG_5983 IMG_5990

IMG_5995 IMG_6001 IMG_5998 IMG_6012 IMG_6016 IMG_6021 IMG_6025


I hope you know you can spill whatever thoughts, feelings, and other reactions you have, in the comment section below.

Gotta go spill in the Bay Area, during another beautiful day!

A huge spill of thanks to Aaron, Lawry, Patty, San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, all the people and creatures I saw  yesterday, and an extra spill of gratitude to you, for whatever you’re spilling, wherever you are.


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