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Day 1786: For now

“For now’ is something I often say, for perspective, for clarification, for hope, and for an invitation to live in the moment.

For now, Michael still hasn’t sent me those photos he took on Saturday.

For now, I’ll keep reminding him until he remembers to send them.

For now, I have only three new photos to share with you.





For now, I’m placing a “Thank you” photo in the middle of a post, instead of at the end.

For now, I’m feeling some measure of peace despite all the chaos surrounding us.

For now, I’m sharing these two videos (playing, for now, here and here on YouTube):


For now, please express any thoughts and feelings you have for today’s post.

For now, I’m expressing gratitude for all who helped me create this post and — of course! — for you.



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Day 696: Thanksgiving Connections

An hour or two (but who’s counting?) before we on the east coast of the USA connected to Thanksgiving 2014, I connected to Mark Bialczak‘s comment on my post yesterday:

Ann, you’re on a two-year run of blog superiority, going strong, going proud, going to all measures to stay in tune with life. And we run to it every day to read your wisdom, see your pictures, listen to your songs. What a connection. Thank you, and bless you and your special heart. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Aaron and Michael. 🙂

Yes, Mark. What a connection! I give thanks for that, for you, and for all others who read this blog.

Yesterday, after I wrote my post and before I read any comments (including Mark’s) about it, I heard this song on my walk to work:

(I give thanks for this live version of Sting’s “The Soul Cages,” found here on YouTube.)

Throughout the day, I connected “The Soul Cages” to almost everything I saw, and I was thankful.

Before I connect you to the photos I took, I had hoped to connect you to a definition of “The Soul Cages.” The only definitions I can find, however, through my internet connections, relate to Sting’s album and song.

So I guess I’ll connect you to my own personal definition (for which I thank all my neurons, synapses and other mind and body connections):

The Soul Cages: Bodies and other things that hold souls, during life on earth.

Here are the images I connected to and captured with connections to “The Soul Cages” (for which I am thankful):




IMG_2440 IMG_2445 IMG_2450 IMG_2451 IMG_2453 IMG_2459 IMG_2463 IMG_2466 IMG_2467 IMG_2471IMG_2478IMG_2491


(image thanks to Jen Soska via Maureen Herman)

IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2496 IMG_2503 IMG_2505

IMG_2515 IMG_2528 IMG_2533

What connections are you making, right now?

Many thanks, on this 2014 Thanksgiving, to all the connections I’ve ever made in any way (which would include you, if you get the connection).


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Day 332: A Once in a Lifetime Day

The title of this post refers to Thanksgivukkah* —  which is both Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah.

In case you haven’t heard, both of these holidays occurring on the same day is verrry unusual.

Just now, I did a Google Image search on “Thanksgivukkah” and found lots and lots of treasures.

And, did you guess?  I’m going to share some of those with you, now, along with some of my thoughts.  And as I like to tell people, “We’re all human, so our thoughts can go lots of different places.”


There we go!  It’s the title of my post AND the date.  I like starting out with “just the facts.”


Isn’t that cute?  Here are some other thoughts I have about that photo:

  • That baby looks very happy.
  • Am I the only one who is thinking “Boy, this sure points out that this baby is going to die!”
  • What’s the expression on that turkey’s face?
  • Does he know his tail is on fire?


My thoughts:

  • Wow!  Does this mean this once-in-a-lifetime holiday has made it to the cover of The New Yorker?
  • Wait. No, it doesn’t.
  • I guess this proves that I should start reading the New Yorker again, so I don’t make mistakes like that.
  • Does that turkey know his tail is on fire?


Speaking of my mistakes, this t-shirt illustrates a mistake I made about Thanksgivikkuh (in addition to misspelling it)  yesterday. I assumed that Thanksgivvikuh occurs once every 70,0000 years. Nope!  It occurred 125 years ago, the last time —  in 1888. The 70,000 year-gap applies to the NEXT time it comes around.

Some thoughts:

  • I wonder how they celebrated it in 1888?
  • I’m pretty sure it didn’t involve t-shirts.
  • Or the New Yorker.
  • The guy wearing that t-shirt is expressing an interesting hope about his future.
  • I wonder when Thanksgivvikuh will fall next?  81,181?  160,099? Or a different year entirely?
  • Whenever it is, will that guy be seeing me then, too?
  • The Jewish Calendar makes no friggin’ sense.

Hmmmmm.  Since that last photo involved some math, this post is taking longer than I expected.

Maybe I should wrap this up.  I want to celebrate my only chance at this once-in-a-lifetime event.

But there are soooo many images, out there.

How about this? I’ll show you some more, and you can supply your own thoughts:







images (12)***********

I especially like that last image, because now I know I’m not alone in my spelling mistakes.

In my image search, I also ran across some videos, and I want to to include one. It’s difficult to choose, but here it is, from my home town (and

Before I end this post, just one more thing.

My title — A Once in a Lifetime Day — doesn’t just apply to today.

It applies to all our days.

I give many thanks today, for my family, for my friends, for my home, and for all my readers.


* I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

** I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

*** I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

**** I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

***** I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

****** I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

******* I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

******** I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

********* I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

********** I found this image here, for which I give thanks.

*********** I found this image here, for which I give …. you know.

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