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Day 1165: Gifts of the here and now

Yesterday, several of my therapy patients talked about the gifts of the here and now. Here and now, I’ll tell you some things they said:

  • Being in the here and now — letting go of worry about the future and regrets about the past — increases confidence and inner peace.
  • Focusing on the here and now should be called “anti-therapy,” because conventional therapy focuses on the past.
  • Staying in the here and now is difficult, because human minds naturally drift to the there and then.

Are you with me, here and now?

Here and now are forty-one photographic gifts from yesterday, when I was there and then during a gorgeous, unseasonably warm March 9 around Boston, Massachusetts, USA:



Through the gifts of blogging, I can tell you that this house in Lexington, Massachusetts …


… is where my ex-husband and I got married in 1988, which resulted in the here-and-now gift of my eighteen year-old son.

Here and now,  can you see how this photo


… offers the gift of a musical choice, honoring the Beatles and George Martin (who passed away two days ago)?

Here and now, I would appreciate the gifts of any comment from you.

Here-and-now thanks to those who heal in therapy, to Lexington Massachusetts, to the Beatles, to George Martin, and to you — of course! — for being here, now.


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