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Day 2015: There are two sides to every adventure

Yesterday, when I was having adventures, I saw this:

Last night, there were two sides to my adventures with my non-responsive laptop at the Apple Store. On one side of the store, we met the multi-sided Apple Genius Niko (who writes children’s adventure books on the side).

Niko is showing us his smiling side there. When he looked at my well-worn laptop (which has been by my side for years of blogging adventures), he showed his concerned and worried side. When I told him that my son and I had likely accidentally switched our look-alike chargers, he said the higher wattage of my son’s charger might have been too adventurous and powerful for the charging side of my little laptop.

Here’s the side of my son’s charger:

Here’s the side of my laptop’s charger:

Watt a difference 15 watts can make. The adventures of my little laptop are over. On the one side, I’m going to miss that little adventurous laptop. On the other side, I’m getting a new, faster blogging machine on the other side of two days.

When I was having adventures on two sides of Boston’s Downtown Crossing yesterday, I recorded two musical performances with my adventurous iPhone:

There are at least two sides to every photo I share here:

I’m always having a nice day when I can express thanks to all who help me create this blog and — of course! — to YOU.

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Day 1196: Bunches of things happening all at once

In recent  bunches of days,  bunches of people in my life  have expressed bunches of empathy and sympathy about ..


It happens that bunches of people have expressed bunches of empathy and sympathy to me in bunches of ways, including:

  • “You have a lot on your plate!”
  • “You have a lot going on.”
  • “Your only child is leaving for college soon and you’ve got all this medical stuff to deal with, not to mention a high-stress job.”
  • “No matter what’s going on with you, you never stop.”
  • “You do more than any other 63-year-old I know.”

For me, it’s difficult NOT to have


For example, yesterday was definitely a day with


These bunches of things included:

  • getting a cool new case for my iPhone, which will prevent me from dropping it with bunches of thing happening all at once,
  • having bunches of delicious brunch food with my son,
  • stumbling across Open Studios in Newton,
  • purchasing some fabulous earrings and a necklace made by Deborah Rochman of DLR designs,
  • visiting “The Villa” in Newton, which was filled with artwork and color,
  • having bunches of awesome conversations with my son Aaron and my boyfriend Michael,
  • going to the Burlington Mall, which always has bunches of things happening all at once (including that “Bunches of things happening all at once” sign),
  • consulting with bunches of geniuses at The Genius Bar at the Apple Store, and
  • getting bunches of storage space freed up on my computer!!!!

Now, for some photographic proof of







I’m wondering if I’ll get bunches of comments about those


If I do, I’ve got bunches of storage space on my computer.

Bunches of thanks to all who helped me create this post and bunches of gratitude to you — of course!  — for reading, even though you might have


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