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Day 1258: Picture yourself in the future

Can you picture yourself in the future?  What do you see?

This picture is in your future:


If you picture yourself in the future, is it more likely you will have a future? Many past and present experts picture that as true.  For example, when I encounter people who are  expressing desperate thoughts and feelings, their prognosis for survival is much better if they are able to picture the future. In the psychotherapy biz, we call that “future-oriented thinking.” Also, a good attitude about the future helps people deal with scary, difficult events.

Picture this email — with the subject “Picturing my future” — that I just sent to my past-present-and-future cardiologist, Dr. Deeb Salem:

Hi Deeb,

Since you’re going to be talking to Dr. Carole Warnes from the Mayo Clinic on Thursday about my future, I would love to have a meeting with you on Wednesday.  If you can picture that in our future,   I’m available any time Wednesday afternoon.  Can we make that work?
Your inquisitive, future-picturing, and grateful patient,
Here’s the automatic reply I then got from Dr. Deeb Salem:
I will be out of the hospital until Tuesday March 29th   Deeb
Since my calendar is picturing today’s date as June 11, I wrote him back, as follows:
Is that Tuesday March 29 in the future?  Oh no!
Picture me, yesterday, going to the first day of the Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy (NSGP) annual conference at Simmons College in Boston.













Do any of those pictures help you picture yourself in the future?  The last picture helped me picture this Lip Sync Battle for our immediate future:

Shake it off, please, and picture yourself in my future by leaving a comment, below.

Future-picturing thanks to all those who helped me create today’s post and to you — of course! — for the future you’re picturing, here and now.



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Day 753: Better days ahead

How do I know, dear readers, that better days are ahead?

Because I’m getting a !!&$%(@!!? Transesophogeal Echocardiogram this morning and the days ahead HAVE to be better, in comparison.

What is helping me feel better about my day ahead, right now?

  1. Writing this post.
  2. Realizing that my amazing readers will be reading it.
  3. Looking forward to recovering at home, with my boyfriend Michael and my son Aaron.
  4. Looking further forward to February, when I’ll have (a) a birthday and (b) a trip to sunny California!
  5. Knowing that I’ll be accompanied to the test today by my friend Carol, who has already bettered many of my days and who sent me this link yesterday (bettering my day ahead):

If you like cats, you can better your day ahead by clicking on that link, above.

When I showed Michael that Today Show piece about The Meow Parlour, “New York’s first permanent Cat Cafe,” Michael wondered whether there might be better days ahead for us if we open a cat cafe  in Boston!

That IS a great idea, but — as much as I love cats — I don’t want to leave my job, where I get to witness people in group therapy working very hard to better days ahead.

Last night, people in my therapy group worked on many issues, including “uncertainty” and “balance.”


The things I learn in my therapy groups always better my days ahead.

Last night, after that group, I received a text from Peggy (my Panama travel buddy and long-time friend) who had another great suggestion for how I might have better days ahead:

One Thought — never Too Much Pat!! Listen profusely!

Then, I heard this on my walk to my car after work:

There are “Better Days Ahead” here on YouTube and for me, I believe.

What do YOU think about better days ahead? (Guess what will happen, for me, if you leave a comment below!)

Many thanks and better days ahead to Carol, the Meow Parlour (for bettering the days of humans and felines), Michael, Aaron, people who heal in groups, honey badgers (for their persistence and for showing up on the board, last night),  Peggy, Pat Metheny (for, as usual, bettering my day with his music), and — of course! — to you, for bettering my days ahead by being here, now.

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