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Day 3218: What’s a good title?

What’s a good title for this post?

What’s a good title for your autobiography?

People shared many good titles for their autobiographies in response to my question, last night, on Twitter. At this point, my good titles for my autobiography include

  • A Very Unusual Heart
  • The Backwards Heart
  • It Takes One To Know One
  • Assault and Batteries
  • That Must Have Been Scary

I reserve the right to come up with more good titles before I actually write it.

What’s a good title for today’s collection of images?

What’s a good title for this precious day?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “What’s a good title?”

What’s a good ending for this “What’s a Good Title?” blog post?

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Day 1897: Attention

Do I have your attention?

During the first year of this blog, I published two posts about attention (here and here).  If you give those early posts attention, you might notice how my blog has changed.  These days, I give more attention to photos, like this.


I also give attention to


  • books,
  • interesting architecture,
  • food,



  • singing,


  • people,
  • work,
  • not being late (which I dreamed about last night, and
  • music.


Personally, I have trouble paying attention the day after a time change.  How is your attention, these days?

Thanks to all who helped me give the necessary attention to today’s blog and — of course!  — to YOU, for your attention.

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