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Day 2391: I’m curious about …

I’m curious about …

  • everything that’s happened to you since the last time I saw you,
  • how you’re doing in this moment (including thoughts, feelings, and body experience),
  • everything that you’re aware of that might be contributing to how you’re doing in this moment,
  •  how other people have been affecting you,
  •  how you’ve been affecting other people,
  • how the weather’s been affecting you,
  • how the news has been affecting you,
  • how you would introduce yourself to somebody who is meeting you for the first time, and
  • what you’re curious about.

If you’re curious about my Coping and Healing groups, I introduce the check-in portion of the group by saying what I’m curious about.  What I’m curious about often includes the curious list above.  Because I don’t want my curiosity to be too important, I always conclude my list of curiosity with this:

Feel free to ignore everything I just said, because it’s YOUR check-in.

I’m curious about this:  even people who have been coming to the group for years often smile at that line.

I’m curious about how these photos affect you:











I’m curious about whether you’ve heard the song “Curious” by Midnight Star.


I am curious about what you would say in a comment below, but feel free to ignore everything I’ve just said, because it’s your comment.

Thanks to all who helped me create this curious post and — of course! — thanks to YOU.




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