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Day 725: Fractal

Yesterday,  when I was having some Christmas lunch at a sushi restaurant with my 16-year-old son Aaron, the conversation turned to fractals.

I’m curious. Do you know what a fractal is?

If you look up “fractal” on Wikipedia, this is the first thing you’ll find:

I don’t know the meaning of that little cleaning brush,* up there on the left. Is Wikipedia warning us that the “Fractal” article needs to be cleaned up and de-technicalized, so most people can understand it?  Or is Wikipedia suggesting that readers should brush up on their knowledge of fractals, starting now? Or is that brush actually an example of a fractal?

Here’s what inspired the discussion of fractals yesterday: Aaron was folding paper, like so, while we were waiting for our food.

IMG_4063 IMG_4067 IMG_4071

While he was folding, Aaron asked me if I knew what a fractal was.

Do you ever think you know something, until somebody asks you to explain it?  As I tried to access my memory of fractals, I was imagining interesting, intricate patterns involving branching and lines getting smaller and smaller. I wasn’t sure that was correct, though.

Aaron told me that a fractal

  • contains itself and
  • is repetitive.

I wondered, to Aaron, if I were a fractal, because I can contain myself and I am sometimes repetitive. (If you don’t believe me, just read more of my blog posts.)

According to Aaron, I am not a fractal. I’m not sure what Wikipedia would say about this, since I stopped reading that article once I saw the cleaning brush.

I wondered, at the sushi restaurant,**  if these things were fractals:

IMG_4061 IMG_4065

IMG_4072 IMG_4073 IMG_4074

I then said something, to Aaron, that I’ve repeated before. That is, I mused out loud that the topic under discussion might be a bloggy one. To my surprise, Aaron expressed an opinion that “Fractal” WOULD make a good title for a post. I’ve never heard Aaron repeat something like that before, and I could hardly contain myself. So I knew I HAD to write a post, today, titled “Fractal.”

That brings us up to now.

This post now contains a dilemma, that my other blog posts** repeat and contain. How can I write a blog post which

  • has the chosen title,
  • contains myself (truly and authentically),
  • repeats, in a contained way, enough of my previous insights, for continuity, and
  • contains and repeats a worthwhile experience for my readers?

This post contains something else that repeats for me: Once my mind contains an awareness of something, I see it repeating, wherever and whenever I am.

That is, once I was aware of fractals yesterday, I saw them everywhere. When I went for a Christmas Day walk, I looked for and saw fractals:

IMG_4077  IMG_4083IMG_4081   IMG_4092 IMG_4089 IMG_4090   IMG_4113 IMG_4119 IMG_4120 IMG_4124 IMG_4126

Are those really fractals?  What is your fractal impression?

When we visited my boyfriend Michael’s family** later in the day, were there fractals there?

IMG_4128IMG_4131 IMG_4134 IMG_4135 IMG_4136 IMG_4139 IMG_4153IMG_4143 IMG_4148 IMG_4149 IMG_4152 IMG_4156 IMG_4157

That last photo not only contains curves (which Aaron names as an important component of fractals), it also repeats bongos (seen previously here, here, here, and here).

I don’t think YouTube** contains any repeating song named “Fractal,” do you?

This was as close as I could get:

That’s “Fragile,” in a live performance** by Sting (who created that beautiful song) and Stevie Wonder (found here on YouTube).

Because I’m a psychotherapist AND a human being who has dealt with medical challenges my whole life, I contain more repeating knowledge and understanding about “Fragile” than I do about “Fractal.”

But that didn’t stop me from writing this today, did it?

Before I end this post — so I can, perhaps, go see fractals at cardiac rehab** and at work,** too — here’s another photo, which I just snapped:


Regular readers of my blog** might have expected that photo to contain and repeat one of my cats, Harley or Oscar:


I’d explain that photo, if I had time, but I’ve got to fractally and fragilely run. Any guesses why I included that photo here (and whether it contains fractals)? Any  fractal-post-related questions?

Thanks to Aaron, to  Michael, to Michael’s family,** to Wikipedia,** to Sting, to Stevie Wonder, to Genki Ya Sushi,** and to all who read these posts, no matter how fractal or fragile you are.

* Apparently, your experience of this post may or may not contain one picture of a cleaning brush.
** Which may contain those who may or may not understand fractals, like me.

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