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Day 447: It will come back to you

Here’s something I often hear people say, with mild confusion, worry, or distraction:

I forgot what I was going to say.

Because of my vast years of experience observing this phenomenon, I reply:

It will come back to you.

Before I developed my current level of confidence, I used to hesitate making a prediction like that. I mean,  who am I to say that a thought — or anything else —  will come back?  What do I think I am, a fortune teller?


Perhaps, at this point, it has come back to you that I like to include visuals in my posts, either (1) from my phone or (2) using a picture that comes back to me from Google Images, after I’ve typed in a relevant word or phrase. Thanks, Google Images, for that picture above. Also, thanks to Character’s Unlimited, Inc., where that “Fortune Teller” image lives, along with lots of “Custom, Animated, and Talking Characters,” including


Deluxe or economy fortune tellers,



Fortune Teller Sherlock,



Fortune Teller Big Al,



Fortune Teller Diver,



Fortune Teller Chef, and



Fortune Teller Chad.

I got so distracted by the plethora of interesting images at that site, I lost track of what I wanted to tell you, this morning.

It came back to me!

I wanted to let you know  I have more confidence, these days, in saying “It will come back to you,” when people get distracted by other thoughts, because … it almost always does.

I’ve been developing more confidence in things coming back to people, in general.

Case in point: Yesterday, just after I had parked the car in front of my son’s piano teacher’s apartment, my son said,  “Oh no! I dropped something! ”  He reached down, to his right, trying to retrieve it.  I was thinking, “Arrgghh! That happens to me all the time! I’ll drop something in this car, it gets trapped and then you can’t retrieve it. I hate that! I really should write a post about that, someday. I wonder what he’s looking for?  We don’t want to be late for his lesson,” when my son suddenly tossed something in my direction. It was not what I expected, but I was very glad to see it, coming back to me:


If it’s not coming back to you why I was so happy to see that, see Day 379: I’m a Loser.

Before I end this post, I’d like to include a favorite song, which has been playing in my head this morning:

Thanks to Aretha Franklin, to backinvault for posting that YouTube video, to the movie Big (where I first saw Zoltar),  to fortune tellers of all kinds, to unlimited characters, to thoughts and other things that come back, and to you — of course! — for coming back here, today.

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