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Day 1422: For the birds

My late father, seen in this photograph of my family which was taken the week before November 22, 1963 …


… used the expression “for the birds” to mean “bad, lousy, unfortunate.”

As my family posed for that picture, we were unaware of some bad, lousy, and unfortunate events that were looming in the future — the assassination of John F. Kennedy and my emergency heart surgery on November 22, 1963.

On this 53rd anniversary of that day, it occurs to me that:

  • the U.S. is dealing with many things, right now, that my father would characterize as “for the birds,”
  • I like birds, and
  • I coincidentally took several photos of birds yesterday.







So we could  say that this blog post is for the birds.

Here‘s what I found on YouTube, for the birds:


Do you think “For the Birds” is relevant today?

Please leave a comment for the bird who created this blog post.

It would be for the birds, according to my father, if I did not express gratitude to all the birds and humans who helped me create this for-the-birds post and  to my wonderful flock of readers, including you!


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