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Day 953: If you want to find the good in anything or anybody …

… look for it.

Most likely, you’ll find some good.

If you can’t find the good now, you probably find it later.

Now that we’ve gotten the good wisdom in this good post out of the way (whether or not we were looking for it), let’s look for the good in some photos I snapped yesterday:

I took this first good photo when I was on my way to the talk I gave yesterday about my therapy groups  to staff at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. I was looking for something good and familiar to bring with me into the unfamiliar room, and I found Van.

Next, I focused on the Ness-ness in that sign, which reminded me of my  trip today to Scotland (home of Loch Ness). That was also good for my pre-presentation jitters.

Then, I could easily find the double dose of good in this good sign:

When I looked for the good in this:

I found it in the ChickPea.

That building holds good memories for at least one of my good readers.

When the person who was meeting me in the lobby of Massachusetts Mental Health Center (where I was giving my good presentation) texted me that she was running late, I found the good in that by eating this good-for-me lunch.

That good sign was on one of the good doors of the good conference room where I gave my good talk. I saw it after my good demonstration of how my good therapy groups do their good work.

My good eyes saw this good statue in the good Longwood Medical area of the good city of Boston.

I took this good photo a good minute after I snapped the previous good one. Do you see any good in that?

That’s the first line of the good group exercise I did with the good people at Massachusetts Mental Health Center. Because my handwriting isn’t very good, it says, “What is your personal experience of making yourself vulnerable?” I think that exercise did some good, for everybody there.

Somebody has left a perfectly good stethoscope on the floor. How can that do anybody any good?

The nurses where I work have apparently received an award. I knew they were good, but I didn’t know they were THAT good.

That sign is trying to do some good for dirty cars.

I will leave it to my good readers to find the good in the rest of these photos:


If anything in this post is NOT good, it’s good that I know — on this good day — that people will forgive me, out of the goodness of their hearts.

How might you find the good around you, here and now?

Here’s a good song:

It’s just a good guess, but I think that duet of “For Good” was good for everybody.

Good thanks to everybody and everything that helped me make this a good-enough post and especially good thanks to you, my very good readers!

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Day 679: Sisters

Today, November 10, is my only sister’s birthday.

Happy Birthday to my excellent, five-year-older sister, Ellen!

This is the first song I can remember encountering — when Ellen and I were both kids — about sisters.

(“Sisters” from the movie White Christmas found here on YouTube)

A lot of those lyrics may not apply, but the love and protective fierceness do.  If you mess with me, lord help you! You will have to answer to my sister, Ellen.

Here’s a song I know Ellen would appreciate. It’s from Wicked, a musical she introduced to me and to my son Aaron.

(“For Good” from Wicked found here on YouTube)

Ellen is more of an extrovert than I am, and her style is to involve the people she loves in the things that she loves. So Aaron and I have both seen Wicked with Ellen and my wonderful sister-in-law, Linda. (We’ve also seen Les Miserables with them, but I’m not immediately aware of a song from that score that would apply, are you?)

I’ve seen a lot of things with — and thanks to — Ellen.

Yesterday, when I was on my Sunday walk, I saw many things that reminded me of her, including these:


We both grew up in the same nest, on the North Shore of Boston, in a house that was on a


… the local term for a cul de sac,or a street that has no outlet.


My older sister has always looked out for me.

IMG_1881Ellen appreciates beauty in nature and is an excellent photographer.


No matter where she’s lived, there’s always a place for me to sit and relax and just be, with her.


I’m not scared, when my sister is around.


Ellen has always understood and left room for my love for cats (even though she is very different from me). One way we are not different is this: we both love to Swing Dance (so I’m glad there’s an Area for Swing in that photo, above). (We both love puns, too.)


Ellen has a big heart. She doesn’t express her feelings the way I do, but her love always shows through.

IMG_1925 IMG_1926

Whenever I saw natural beauty yesterday, I thought of Ellen.

Ellen is great at connecting with people, in her work and everywhere.


No matter how confused I get,

IMG_1937 IMG_1941

… not knowing which direction to turn, Ellen helps guide me.

Even when I’ve looked like this:


… Ellen has stayed at my side, always …


… when I’ve needed her.

When we were growing up, and I made it to …


… five years after Ellen, the teachers there wondered if I would be as wonderful as she was. We were very different and — I hope —  appreciated for our own strengths.

More natural beauty, from yesterday:

IMG_1957 IMG_1960 IMG_1961 IMG_1966 IMG_1971 IMG_1973


…which all reminded me of Ellen, especially since she has always wanted to live near water.


That image reminded me of the losses we’ve shared together (including both of our late parents).

Let’s face it, everything reminded me of Ellen, yesterday. That’s what happens when you share so much with an incredible sister like her. Here are some photos of gifts I might give her:


IMG_2008 IMG_2011

…. that I know she would appreciate.


I’ve always looked up to Ellen. And here’s the last photo I took, yesterday, thinking of her:


Now I’m going to look for one more picture, from ONE OF THE TWO RED SOX WORLD SERIES GAMES WE’VE ATTENDED TOGETHER AT FENWAY PARK (excuse me for shouting, but Ellen would understand).

Actually, it’s taking me a while to find that image from October 2013. Here’s something I found in my WordPress Media Library, in the meantime:


I found the photo I was looking for!Slide3 (2)That television screen-capture — from the 2013 Word Series game Ellen and I attended — first appeared in this post,* just about a year ago.  I see several familiar faces there, including one I love very much.

Happy Birthday, Ellen!

And many, many thanks to everybody reading today.

* Actually, that photo didn’t appear in that post. It appeared here. But I’m glad I linked to that report about the World Series game I shared, with my sister, Ellen.

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