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Day 2954: Reading

What have you been reading lately, besides blog posts?

On the recommendation of many people, I’m reading the excellent “How to be an Antiracist” by Ibram X. Kendi. Soon I’ll be discussing it in the same reading group that was reading “Me and White Supremacy” last year.

I notice what people are reading and also what they’re NOT reading. That’s why I tweeted this yesterday:

Reading that now, I notice I used a cognitive distortion (all-or-nothing thinking) for effect. Interested in reading more about cognitive distortions? Click here.

For those who want to be reading more of my lyrics for the song “Vaccine,” here they are:


by Ann Koplow

Stadiums and CVS

And other places you might guess

Are where they’ll send

each life-protecting vial.

But if you’re under 70

and want this precious remedy,

Chances are you’ll have to wait a while.

©️Ann Koplow, 2021

If you’d rather be hearing those lyrics than reading them, you can sign up for the Jam’n Java Open Mic for this Friday, February 5.!/showSignUp/9040b4eadaa23a2f49-jamn20

If you’re reading joy and relaxation in this post, that’s because I’m on my birthweek staycation! I’ll be reading more and working much less all week.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of my images today.

In all my years of reading films, I’ve never seen anything quite like “Sittin’ on a Backyard Fence” from Footlight Parade:

I look forward to reading your comments, below.

If you’re used to reading my daily posts, you know I always end with gratitude, so thanks to all my awesome readers, including YOU!

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