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Day 418: Uneasy/Easy

Last year, in the dead of winter, I wrote a post “Day 17: I think I wake up most mornings feeling uneasy.”

That’s a phrase that has echoed for me, ever since I sent it out into the blog-o-sphere. I thought of that phrase again this morning, upon awakening.

And I wondered, why “uneasy”?  And, what does “uneasy” even mean?

Here’s what occurred to me, this morning.

Perhaps we humans are hard-wired to strive and accomplish more, in order to survive. And perhaps what helps us do that is a built-in, easily triggered sense of …  uneasiness.

Yes, uneasiness, or whatever else we want to call it. Dissatisfaction. Worry. The longing for something more. The sense that things aren’t okay, or — if they ARE okay in the moment — the sense of how they might go wrong in the future. Focusing on what we don’t have rather than on what we do have. The attraction to what’s wrong, rather than to what’s right. How the negative sticks more (and seems larger) than the positive. Awareness of weaknesses rather than strengths.

If you share this experience with me,  I would be interested in how you might put that into words.

If you share this experience with me, I think you might agree with this, too. NO WONDER it’s so difficult to:

  1. Stay in the moment.
  2. Feel easy, happy, at peace.

It can take effort, that’s for sure. And practice.

Here’s what helped me feel easier, this morning, immediately after I woke up.  The sound of birds, outside my window.

And although I know it wasn’t these birds:



It helps to know they’re all out there, somewhere, too.

What’s missing for me, before I end this post?  Some sounds, reminiscent of what I heard this morning.

How about this YouTube video  (thanks to NewEnglandgardening)?

That was easy.

Thanks to birds of all types of feathers, sounds, easiness, and seasons,  and to you — of course! — for alighting here today.

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Day 344: Next week

Here’s something I believe, wholeheartedly:

It’s helpful to focus on the present, letting go of regrets about the past (which we cannot change) and worries about the future (which we cannot control).

However, humans look into the future, as a way to prepare.

During certain times of the year, preparation seems more important.  For example, if it’s cold and dark outside and we don’t prepare for that before we go out … we might be sorry. (I considered writing “WE MIGHT DIE!!!!”,  but I didn’t want to alarm anybody.)

Also, during the Christmas season, people prepare in many different ways. They buy gifts. They often prepare to connect with family and friends.

I don’t know about you, but preparation can make me anxious. Why?  Oh, probably because I think I need to do a great job at everything or …. dire results may occur. (I doubt that buying a bad gift will actually kill me, but who knows?)

Anyway, I got a little lost in my own catastrophizing there.

So what were my points, for this post today?

People worry about the future. It’s human. And certain situations increase our worry.


Speaking for myself, I am definitely thinking about next week, with some expectations and feelings.  I’m wondering if any of you share that experience with me.

If so, I have some news about next week. Next week is going to be unlike any week we’ve ever experienced before.

Now, this may sound like fortune-telling, but I have proof. Yesterday, at work, I was talking to a doctor in her office, and she suddenly said, “Look!  I’ve never seen THAT before.”

And she pointed at the calendar, on her desk.  Here’s a picture of it:


I’ve never seen that before, either. And, I’m not sure how to interpret this data.

Maybe, if the 16th doesn’t go well for people, we get a “do-over” the next day.

So you may want to prepare for that.

Thanks to all the doctors I work with (for their  vision and foresight), people preparing everywhere, and to you — of course!! — for reading today.

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