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Day 2362: Get in touch

Yesterday, when I was getting in touch with many feelings about saying goodbye to four members of the Northeastern Society of Group Psychotherapy board of directors (who had completed their three years of service), I noticed this on my phone:


It’s true that, in my work as a group therapist, I focus on making it easier for people to get in touch (with themselves and with others).  However, I doubt that adding a phone number to Oscar the cat’s Facebook page will make it easy for people to get in touch. Oscar doesn’t answer the phone, although by touching my iPhone yesterday he somehow managed to delete four important apps:  Waze, Wallet, Google, and Notes! Thank goodness it was easy to get in in touch with Apple support and recover those apps.

Soon after getting in touch with Apple support,  I supported people in a Coping and Healing group getting in touch with thoughts and feelings about positive feedback. Here’s what I touched on yesterday as I filled out my own Positive Feedback worksheet.


Are you in touch with

  • how you tend to respond to compliments and other types of positive feedback?
  • positive and appreciative things people have said about you?
  • positive things you have recognized in yourself?

It’s time to get in touch with my other photos from yesterday.












To help us get in touch with what we wanted to say at the Board Meeting last night,  I transformed that F-bomb into a “Farewell” bomb that people could touch as they were speaking.

Get in touch with “Get in Touch” by FireHouse:


You can get in touch with me in the comments sections, below.

Every day, it’s easy for me to get in touch with my gratitude for all, including YOU!




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