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Day 1125: Finding my way

It seems like every day I’m finding my way.

What helps you find your way, every day?

Here are some visuals that helped me find my way, yesterday:










Three weekends from today, I’m finding my wayout of Boston to audition for the TV show “The Voice.”

I’ve found  out — through “The Voice” website —  that an optional part of that audition process is to submit a video of my audition  song to the Voice staff ahead of time, for some pointers  and — perhaps! — finding my way ahead of the audition crowd.

When I do find my way to the audition site in Philadelphia on February 21, I’ll be finding my way through my audition song (which will probably be “Soothe” by Todd Rundgren) without any accompanying instruments. Now I’m finding my way, here, to share this a capella rendition of “Soothe.”

It occurs to me that it’s taken me one thousand, one hundred, and twenty-five days to find my way to showing you what I look and sound like, while singing. 

If you find a way to give me feedback about that video, I’ll be finding my way to reply back.

Why am I finding my way to audition for “The Voice,” when the odds are unlikely  I’ll find myself on the show? Because this is all part of my way of finding my way out of fear.

Finding my way on WordPress always includes thanks to you, my readers, for helping me find my way here.

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