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Day 346: More Things That Won’t Kill Me

Yesterday, I posted about things that won’t kill me, and people seemed to enjoy that.

I guess that proves that people are glad to hear that I’m pretty safe.   Also, I assume that people were glad to hear they had a good chance to survive the near future, also.

After I posted yesterday, I thought of lots more examples of things that won’t kill me (despite any fears to the contrary). So without further ado …

More Things That Won’t Kill Me*

by Ann

  1. Being late with a bill payment.
  2. Losing a glove (or hat, umbrella, or other protection from inclement weather).
  3. Saying “no” to an invitation.
  4. Running out of gas.
  5. Losing a cell phone.
  6. Forgetting to take my medication.
  7. Taking my medication.
  8. Mispronouncing, misspelling, or forgetting somebody’s name.
  9. Somebody mispronouncing, misspelling, or forgetting my name.
  10. Breaking unwritten rules.
  11. Breaking written rules.
  12. Taking a bad picture.
  13. Asking for what I want (even if I don’t get it).
  14. The word “love.”
  15. Hurting somebody.
  16. Being hurt.
  17. Writing something mediocre.
  18. Gaining weight.
  19. Goodbyes.
  20. Getting stuck in traffic.
  21. Getting lost.
  22. Having to wait.
  23. Keeping somebody else waiting.
  24. Bugs.
  25. Not knowing the answer to a question.
  26. A bad hair day.
  27. Feeling over-confident.
  28. Feeling under-confident.
  29. Saying too much.
  30. Saying too little.
  31. Saying the wrong thing.
  32. Repeating myself.
  33. Getting too much attention.
  34. Getting too little attention.
  35. Getting older.

Again, some of those (especially that last one) might kill me, but not today.

Did you notice that sometimes I worry about the dire effects of opposite things?  For example,  #27/#28, #29/#30, #33/#34.  That doesn’t really make sense, does it?  I might as well skip those things, entirely.

Here’s another example of that: Yesterday, being late appeared on the list (which was especially appreciated by my faithful reader elizabeth2560)  (and check out her comment, at the end of yesterday’s post, for some very good news about being late). However, sometimes I also worry about being TOO EARLY. And being early won’t kill me, either, which is good, because I’m going to publish this post much earlier than unusual (for reasons relating to my work schedule tomorrow).

So I would like to put this post and myself to bed, but I haven’t included an image yet. While that won’t kill me, either,  I LIKE including photos in these posts.

So let’s see what’s on my trusty iPhone ….

Aha!  Yet another thing that won’t kill me (or anybody else**):



Thanks to elizabeth2560, those who are early and those who are late, neat and messy people everywhere,  and to you — of course!! — for reading today.

* Unlike yesterday’s list, there are no links to previous blog posts, which won’t … well, you know.

** I actually did some fact-checking for this claim, and here it is.

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