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Day 648: The Goodbye Look

Four Hundred and Forty-Two days ago, I wrote a post called “Looks.”

Today I’m writing about a specific kind of look: The Goodbye Look.

But what IS The Goodbye Look?

Do you have any guesses about that (and about where this post is going)?

(At this point, your guesses might be as good as mine.)

For one thing, “The Goodbye Look” is a song by Donald Fagen from his first solo album, 1982’s The Nightfly:

(YouTube video of “The Goodbye Look” found here)

Yesterday, I gave and received many looks throughout the day, including some Goodbye Looks (although, I certainly hope, NOT the kind Donald Fagen is singing about in that song).

Why were there so many Goodbye Looks yesterday?

Two people I know are leaving the hospital where I work. One of them is Melvin (looking like this in yesterday’s post):


Here’s another look from Melvin, when he and I were talking about saying “Goodbye.”


Also, there was a farewell party for a very talented, skilled, committed, and friendly co-worker, named Brigitte.  I didn’t get a shot of Brigitte, but I captured these Goodbye Looks on other people:

IMG_0549 IMG_0552

In the first picture, you’re looking at Kathy, Mark, and Terry (left to right). I was especially glad to look at Mona (in the second picture), since she and I had exchanged Goodbye Looks a while ago. Isn’t that great that Mona’s outfit says “Hello”?

Something else I looked at, yesterday, was a message from WordPress, in response to my question to support people here:

An easy way to free up storage space for my photos in the media library?

That plea, from me, was a reflection of concerns that:

  • readers might give The Goodbye Look to my posts if they take too long to read and
  • there might be goodbye looks regarding my storage in various locations, because of how much friggin’ space my photos take up.

Give a look to WordPress’s return message (which I inadvertently gave The Goodbye Look to yesterday) (in other words, I mistakenly put it in The Trash):

Hi Ann,

There isn’t a bulk action to adjust those photos. Changing your photo sizes is a good idea, however. I did take a look at the first few photos in your library and noticed that they had files sizes and dimensions in common:

File size: 2 MB Dimensions: 2448 × 3264px

This is far larger than you’ll need on your site.

Your theme, Adventure Journal, has a main column constraint of 690px in the 2-column layout you’re using. If you can adjust your photos accordingly from now on, you’ll extend the usage of your space upgrade greatly.

If you don’t have photo editing software on your computer, you could use a free one such as You’d simply upload your image, select Resize, make sure you have “constrain proportions” selected, change the width to 690px, and save the image to your desktop. Then you can upload it to Your photo sizes will much smaller.

Unfortunately, you will have to adjust those older photos manually.

I took the liberty of opening this one by opening the photo from your Media Library, and clicking Edit Image:
The file was originially 2 MB and 2448 x 3264. I scaled the image to 690 x 920px. Now the image takes up 171 KB space.

I hope this helps. If I can address any other concerns or questions, please let me know. Cheers!

Words I liked looking at there included:

  • “Hi Ann,”
  • “free”
  • “simply””
  • “If I can address other concerns or questions, please let me know,” and
  • “Cheers!”

Words in that message I’d prefer unseeing included “unfortunately” and all the other ones implying  I have a lot of work ahead of me, resizing all the kashmillion photos I’ve posted here since January 1, 2013.

Well, at least I’m looking at a three-day weekend, starting tomorrow.

Speaking of my photos taking up too much space, sometimes I fear I’ll get The Goodbye Look from people if I, personally, take up too much space.  Coincidentally, somebody in one of my therapy groups yesterday was looking at something similar:


As you give whatever look you’re giving to that photo (which is taking up lots of space),  you might assume the word “frggin” came from me.  It didn’t!

What that woman said yesterday, in yesterday’s therapy group, is giving me the courage to post more photos (taking too much space) of other recent goodbye (and other) looks.

IMG_0492 IMG_0496 IMG_0507 IMG_0532 IMG_0538

IMG_0540 IMG_0545 IMG_0546 IMG_0547 IMG_0559 IMG_0565 IMG_0567

After all, we’ve all survived my photos taking up too much space here (so far)!

Preparing to give The Goodbye Look to this post just now, I said “Goodbye” to my 16-year-old son, Aaron (who’ll be spending the three-day weekend away, with his father):

Me: I’m giving you “The Goodbye Look.”

Aaron: The Goodbye Look?

Me: Remember that song by Donald Fagen? It’s not that kind of look, obviously.

Aaron: That’s good.

Thanks to Aaron, Donald Fagen, Melvin, Brigitte, Kathy, Mark, Terry, Mona, Mohammed and Winston (who work at the place I park my car), cupcakes and pets waiting to get The Hello Look, the construction guy (who said, “I hope I didn’t break your camera”), Jackie, Ted Williams, David Ortiz, people working in groups, and everybody, everywhere, giving looks and taking up space today — including you!

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