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Day 279: Fall Photos

I haven’t done a photo essay lately. By “photo essay,” I mean taking some recent photos I’ve snapped with my iPhone and hoping I can link them, somehow.

The structure for this essay will be chronological — that is, I’ll post photos in the order I took them, starting last Tuesday.  And since I tend to be very aware of the seasons, the topic is “Fall.”

Here we go ….


A Chronological Photo Essay

by Ann

One of my associations with fall is Halloween. When I was a kid, Halloween was my second favorite day of the year.

Last weekend, I bought some Halloween candy:


The fun-sized package pictured above, however, isn’t going to any Trick-or-Treaters this year.  After I came home from the hospital last Tuesday night, that sucker was mine!

Another association I have with fall is baseball playoffs.  And my local team, the Red Sox, are in the playoffs this year.


Here’s hoping the Sox make it to the World Series.

Here’s a photo I took, seconds after the previous one:


Why am I including that photo here?  Perhaps as a visual reminder of the importance of taking the next small step, no matter what the situation.

Perhaps as a visual reminder that photos — and clothing — do not have to be perfect.

Perhaps to show my regular readers that I am physically okay after my hospital stay, since I’m walking my usual walk to work.

More likely, as proof that I still don’t understand how to work my friggin’ phone, especially now that it has a new operating system.

The remaining photos were all taken yesterday, as I took a nice, long walk.  Here’s the first thing that caught my iPhone:


As usual, I like working with groups, no matter what their differences.

I took the next photo further down the same block:


I like the way local businesses cater to the nourishment of humans and non-humans around here.

I took the next photo across the street:


That sign, which is new, seems to indicate that  (1) this trash receptacle is setting a limit and/or (2) some  person is doing the same.

I took the next photo about fifteen minutes later:


That photo illustrates another meaning of the  word “fall.”

Leaves are falling off the trees, even though it’s only early October.  While the colors are beautiful, I’m hoping that I won’t get fed up, too soon, with the cold that’s coming my way.

A few minutes later, I was happy to see a rabbit.  I like seeing rabbits when I’m walking, and lately I’ve been thinking  I might not see any more until next spring.

So I took a photo of that unexpected rabbit, but the photo was really blurry. I could blame the rabbit or my iPhone for that, but what good does blame ever do, really?  Instead, I’ll show you the next photo I took, moments later:


It’s another group!

The next photo is related to the first one in this essay, since it’s a harbinger of Halloween:


 Let’s face it — that photo is blurry, too, but I couldn’t resist including it here.

And here’s the last photo I took, on my walk yesterday:


Okay, okay.  I’ll give you this: The fall is beautiful.

Thanks, everybody, for reading today.

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Day 253: September

Now that we’re into the month of September to the extent that it’s hitting people that we’re really into September, here’s what I’m noticing:

  • The topic of “perfectionism” keeps coming up, in therapy groups and elsewhere.
  • People (at least in the Northeast section of the U.S.) seem more confused than usual about what to expect from the outside environment.
  • People (at least in the Northeast section of the U.S.) seem more confused than usual about what to expect from themselves.

Those are some things I’m observing. (Although, as I often hear people say, “Maybe it’s just me.”)

How about a photo to end this post?

The first thing I do, when I decide to use a photo, is to check my iPhone, to see if there are any photos I’ve taken that I haven’t used in a blog post yet.

Nope, nope, nope, nope. (Perhaps I’ll have to go to Google Images, this morning.)

Wait! Here’s one I took several weeks ago:


Why do I think this is a great photo for this post?

  • There’s a specific reference to the month of September.
  • There’s a mistake within the photo.
  • This reminds me that mistakes can make people smile (not just annoy them).
  • The sign, despite the mistake, still got the job done.
  • And, last but not least, the sign shows that all things, especially inconveniences, will come to an end.

Thanks for reading, today!

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