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Day 1256: Needy

I need to ask this question: Why do people need to needle themselves and others about being needy?  Why do we need to define “needy” as something that needs to be negative?

We all have needs.  We need to rejoice in being needy.

In a therapy group yesterday, I needed to make a list of many needs.



With 51 needs (incorrectly numbered  as 43 above), I am obviously very needy.

I need to tell you  that I need more sleep (#22 above) these days because I need to have heart surgery in September. I also need to ask why it’s so hard, sometimes, to get what we need.

I need to share the other photos I needed to take yesterday.
















Needy Ann needs to share the pleasures of some needy music with her needy readers.

What do you need, here and now?

I need to thank everybody who helped me create this needy post and you — of course! — for needing to read it.



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Day 932: What do you need?

I was just looking at the five photos I took yesterday, trying to identify a unifying theme.

Do I really need a unifying theme for those photos or for today’s post?

What DO I  need?

I need:

  • Water to drink.

  • Good and reliable transportation.

  • An awareness of the challenges and obstacles ahead.

  • An openness to change.

I also need to breathe and let go of

What do you need, right now?

I need to take my car in to my mechanic this morning, so I need to end this post.

Before I do, here‘s “Agua De Beber,” to go along with that very first need I mentioned above.

And here‘s another song about a different need, not previously mentioned in this needfully short post.

Obviously, I need YouTube.

Do I need a comment from you? I don’t want to seem too needy, but that would be nice.

Finally , I need to thank all the statues, healers, musicians, composers, evolvers,  and  humans  who helped me write this post. I also need to thank you — of course! — for reading it (whether you needed to or not).

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