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Day 2680: Goofballs and Hearts

Yesterday,  somebody called me a “goofball” during a Zoom meeting after I expressed my love for people by making the sign of a heart with my hands.  While I could have easily used my standard reply — “It takes one to know one” —  I said, instead, “Thank you for the compliment.”

I do believe that was a compliment, because being a goofball and sharing my heart are two of my biggest strengths.

Do you see any goofballs or hearts in my photos from yesterday?

















This goofball believes that our hearts could use a repeat of  the awwsome cat video I posted two bitching days ago.


Heartfelt thanks to all the goofballs and oddballs who help me create these daily posts, including you.  (And from me, that’s a compliment!)



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Day 1051: Who loves ___?

Who loves the title of this post?

Who loves an explanation of what inspired “Who loves ___?”

This lovely morning, as I was thinking about writing a post about anger (and who loves anger?), my boyfriend Michael (who loves me) said, “Oscar loves you.”

Who loves Oscar?


Who loves change?  Who loves unexpected change?  Who loves changes in WordPress, this morning?

Who loves these photos?

Who loves expressing love?


Who loves music?


Who loves this post?

Who loves the way I always express gratitude at the end of my daily posts?

Who loves Michael, Oscar, taking pictures, music, being a psychotherapist, today’s changes to WordPress, and you?  I do.

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Day 680: I love you

Dear Readers,

WordPress tells me, this morning, that I have NOT used “I love you” as a title, yet, for a post.  I love you, WordPress, for letting me know.

WordPress also tells me that I have NOT tagged the Marx Brothers before, in six hundred and eighty days of posting.

I love you, Marx Brothers.

(“Everyone Says I Love You,” from the Marx Brothers movie “Horsefeathers,” found here on YouTube)

Yesterday, I believe I told my sister, Ellen, that I loved her, in my post for her birthday. But I didn’t say those exact words.

I love you, Ellen.

Why do you suppose those words can be difficult, challenging, or otherwise risky to say? I would love it, if you let me know what you think about that.

I love including lists in these posts, so here’s another one.

I love:

  • people
  • animals
  • my work (doing group and individual therapy)
  • natural beauty
  • food
  • writing this blog
  • traveling
  • taking pictures for you

IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1873 IMG_1876 IMG_1882 IMG_1884  IMG_1896 IMG_1901 IMG_1904 IMG_1907 IMG_1908 IMG_1909 IMG_1922 IMG_1924 IMG_1944 IMG_1946 IMG_1948 IMG_1951 IMG_1976 IMG_2002 IMG_2005 IMG_2014 IMG_2016 IMG_2018 IMG_2019 IMG_2020


  • and many other things (and not necessarily in that order).

What do you love?



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Day 604: Direct communication

This morning, I would like to present some random thoughts I’m having about direct communication.

I need to warn you, before I begin, that there ARE obstacles to direct communication, here and elsewhere, including

  • the wish to avoid hurting somebody’s feelings,
  • confidentiality issues,
  • uncertainty about what is appropriate to reveal in different circumstances with different people,
  • realizing that people can be uncomfortable with direct communication, at times,
  • the fact that direct communication is not easy and takes practice, and
  • confusion about what direct communication actually IS, especially if it wasn’t practiced much by the people around you, when you were growing up.

I want to be direct, now, and share with you, if possible, a simple definition of direct communication.

Okay, I’m having trouble coming up with this, right now.

Maybe an example would help.

Nope, I’m having trouble with that, too. All my current examples have to do with issues at work and in my personal life, and I don’t feel comfortable revealing any of them, in the blogosphere, right now.

I want to talk directly to the people involved, before sharing details with you.

It might be helpful — and it might give this post some more direct value —  if I check my past blog posts, to see if I’ve written about this before.

Aha!  I have! Approximately 225 days ago (but who’s counting?), I published Day 375: Direct Communication.

I’m skimming that post now (with one eye on the time) and wondering this: “How direct was I being in THAT post?”

OMG!  I just realized — as I was linking to THAT post — that we have an unprecedented three-fer or three-peat, ladies and gentlemen, here in the Land of Living Non-Judgmentally. To be more direct, I  wrote ANOTHER post with the same title, over a hundred days before that one:  Day 172: Direct communication.

I just skimmed that earliest of my Direct Communication posts  and I directly want to say this:  I recommend that you read that one. It’s short, to the point, and helpful, in my opinion.

But of course, I wrote all of them, so how credible is my opinion, in this case?

What else would I like to directly communicate to you, right now?

Just this: I’ve learned something, this morning. Direct Communication is an ongoing issue for me. That is, I  still have much to learn about this, before I am done.

How do I know?  Well, to communicate as directly as I can:

I keep writing about it here, don’t I?

I’m not sure what I’ll be able to directly communicate, now, with recent photos from my iPhone, but here goes:

IMG_8365 IMG_8366



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Day 419: LOL

Today is my only child’s birthday. My son is 16 years old.  Happy birthday, Aaron!

Last year on this date, the post title was  “Day 54: My son’s birthday” and — leaping old lizards! — I sure don’t want to use the same title twice. 1

I chose “LOL,” because my son:

  • makes me Laugh Out Loud,
  • helps me Learn Outstanding Lessons, and
  • is a Love Of my Life.

And while my son expresses annoyance about:

  • abbreviations like LOL,
  • non-precise language,
  • how often I tell him I love him, and
  • my use of “dear reader,” capitalized acronyms, and some of my other blogging conventions …

I often observe Looks of Love, on his Laconic, Old-Soul, Luminous face.

Ooops! I better stop before I embarrass him (on the off-chance he reads this post). Although it’s probably too late for that.

Lord, Oh Lord, it can be difficult for a mother NOT to embarrass her 16-year-old son.2  For example, mothers often share things their kids did when they were much younger. Geesh, that IS embarrassing, isn’t it?

And which, of course, I’m going to do right now (as I also did, in that birthday post, a year ago).3

Here’s something hanging in our back hallway right now, which my son created for Mother’s Day, many years ago:


I like — okay, LOVE — that. As a matter of fact, I’m LOL-ing, right now.

Loads Of Loving thanks to my son and to Lots Of Laughers, everywhere. And thanks to you – of course! — for the Light Of Life you bring here, today.

1 I’ve already re-used a title in this blog, due to Laziness Or Lateness, but I’d rather avoid that, if possible.

2 Although, Aaron tells me I’m doing okay with that, so far.

3 In case I’m being too subtle, check out that post for some wonderful Aaron-generated LOLs, okay?4

4 Or, if you’re lazy or lethargic like me (I mean, it IS the weekend), or otherwise less than likely to link, here are those LOLs, right here:

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