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Day 3446: Better than expected

Yesterday was a day that turned out much better than expected.

Let’s see if my photos are better than expected.

That cookie might be better than expected and that slogan was better than expected.
Capturing two bunnies in a photo was better than expected. Also, the weather during our evening walk was better than expected because it had been humid earlier in the day.
This photo of a big orange cat in a window was better than expected.
If this sweet lost kitty is ever found, that would be better than expected.
This typical still life in our neighborhood is better than expected.
What my husband Michael said about this combination of restaurants was better than expected. He said it was Mex-Ken. His reaction to his own pun was better than expected because he hates puns unless he makes them. Then they’re not puns, they’re “shmuns.”
Harley’s reactions to Joan are much better than expected.
We thought we would never get over the loss of our beloved cat Oscar, but Joan has made everything much better than expected.
If these three photos of Harley and Joan are better than expected, that’s because Michael took them, not me.
I’m curious about things that are better than expected, in case you haven’t noticed.
Michael’s homemade dinners are better than donuts, which might be better than expected for some.
These National Days are better than expected so I think I’ll splurge and get away today by visiting my ex-sister-in-law, Deborah, whose dog Casey’s recovery from heartworms was better than expected.

Brian Regan (a comedian I found out about thanks to my Twitter followers) was better than expected.

When I searched for information about Brian Regan just now, I found out that he’s appearing at a great venue near me next week, which was better than expected. I just splurged on National Splurge Day and got two better-than-expected tickets for that show.

If Michael agrees to go with me, that will be better than expected.

What’s been better than expected for you?

Thanks to all who are reading this better-than-expected blog post, including YOU!

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Day 3313: What’s really on my mind

I like to express what’s really on my mind, and I’m so grateful I get to do that here, every day.

What’s really on my mind today is

  • the state of the world,
  • the state of the nation,
  • the state of the state,
  • people’s mental health,
  • people not getting back to me,
  • my birthday a week from today, and
  • bringing our very shy and anxious cat Harley to the vet this afternoon.

Harley is so shy and anxious that we’ve only had home-visiting vets treating him since we adopted him seven years ago. What’s really on my mind about Harley is that

  • the first vet who did that called him “a very fretful fellow”,
  • he got so scared the last time Michael tried to put him in the carrier that he gouged Michael’s arm with his claws,
  • he needs to see a full-service vet because he’s getting up there in age (like me!),
  • he had a mysterious ailment last week that seems to have disappeared,
  • Michael considered using the “towel technique” to capture Harley and deposit him in the carrier,
  • it was really on our minds last night so we discussed it many times, and
  • Michael discovered, much to our amazement, that Harley will go into the carrier if he puts his favorite treat in there.

What’s really on my mind right now is something Michael says a lot: “It’s never what you expect.”

What’s really on my mind is to share my images for today.

What’s really on my mind, here and now, is that I have a great spouse in Michael and that tomorrow is National Chocolate Cake Day.

This comes up when I search YouTube for “what’s really on my mind”:

What’s really on my mind is to express gratitude to my spouse Michael, to the Incredible Mr T, and to all those who help me blog every day, including YOU.

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Day 3279: Better than expected

If this blog post is going to be better than expected, I’d better start adding some interesting elements, like my last question yesterday on Twitter:

That question turned out better than expected: it already has over 200 answers. And the answers were better than expected: many people answered with “my life.”

Are any of my other images for today better than expected?

Those images came together better than I expected. Sometimes I think one secret of life is having low expectations or, better yet, letting go of expectations.

When I search YouTube for “better than expected,” I find this

… which unexpectedly made me want to see “Free Guy,” which I expect I’ll watch once it’s free for me.

What’s something that turned out better than you expected? I expect I’ll see some comments, below.

If you’re expecting gratitude from me, here it comes!

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Day 3213: What would you expect?

What would you expect from a blog post with this title?

What would you expect from a blog post written by somebody who often says, “It’s never what you expect”?

What would you expect me to eat on National Pasta Day (yesterday)?

What would you expect me to do if our cat Joan showed up unexpectedly without her cone (which she’s been wearing for weeks because of a persistent skin problem)?

I don’t know if this is what you would expect, but I watched her like a hawk for four hours yesterday to make sure she didn’t lick the infected area.

What would you expect Joan to do and feel when we put the cone back on her?

Joan seems to expect that the cone is going to come back on and doesn’t fight it at all. I didn’t expect Harley (who hisses and growls at Joan quite frequently) to get so close to her yesterday!

What would you expect from my other images for today?

What would you expect me to do on National Chocolate Cupcake Day?

What would you expect me to find on YouTube if I searched for “what would you expect?”

What would you expect at the end of my blog posts?

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Day 3117: It’s never what you expect

I expect that I’ve written a previous blog post with this title, because I often say “it’s never what you expect.”

You probably expect some images here, but maybe not these.

That last question received some answers you might expect and also some others you would never expect.

When I search YouTube for “it’s never what you expect”, I unexpectedly find “It’s Never What You Expect and Everything All At Once” by Noé.

I would have expected there to be at least one reaction to that on YouTube. Yes, it’s never what you expect.

You might expect gratitude at the end of this post, but maybe not this: thanks to all who appreciate this blog more than I expect, including YOU.

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Day 2274: It’s never what you expect

“Ir’s never what you expect” is what I expect my boyfriend Michael to say, along with these other expected sayings from Michael:

“It’s all coming together.”

“Everybody loves you.”

“But do you love …… OSCAR?” (whenever I tell Michael I love him).

“Has he shaved off his filthy beard?” (when I tell Michael that I’ve FaceTimed with my son, Aaron).

It’s never what I expect whenever I do my taxes, including yesterday, when I discovered that all that time and effort I had spent keeping track of  the usual job-related education expenses was for nought, because of changes to the U.S. tax laws.  After my tax software had prompted me to calculate and enter these expenses (like conferences, air travel, hotels,  meals) yesterday morning, it unexpectedly flashed a screen that said,

Because of tax reform, job-related expenses are no longer deductible, unless you are

  • A qualified performing artist .
  • A fee-basis state or local government official
  • A member of the National Guard or Military Reserve who had unreimbursed travel expenses for guard or reserve duties more than 100 miles from home
  • Disabled and claiming expenses related to the impairment
  • Provided with a minister housing allowance

I would have expected my tax software to tell me that BEFORE it prompted me, for about two hours, to enter all those expenses, but it’s never what you expect, is it?

I wonder if I’m a qualified performing artist because of the songs I’ve been writing, like this one:

I expect not.

My son Aaron told me yesterday not to expect to perform at the Edinburgh  Festival Fringe this August, because neither of us have received notice of an assigned show venue yet. Aaron expects that if you lower your expectations, you won’t be disappointed. I still expect to perform, somehow.

You probably expect me to post photos from yesterday, but these photos might not be what you expect.







You might expect to see photos of other cats here (namely Oscar and Harley), but it’s never what you expect.

You might expect me to express gratitude at the end of my daily blog posts. but did you expect all this?





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Day 1667: Almost

I almost chose another title for this post, but I am most inspired by this image I almost missed yesterday:


Is that almost funny? Or just funny?  Is it funny to almost everybody? Or is it almost something else?

I almost wore slippers like those today, but I can’t find them.

As I’m almost half-way through this post, I’m almost

  • settled in to our new home,
  • unpacked,
  • certain this was a great move for us,
  • totally sleep-deprived,
  • completely recovered from my open heart surgery,
  • prepared for our annual trip in August to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and
  • ready to go to work.

Are you almost ready for other photos from yesterday?





I was almost home last night when I took that last picture.

Here’s “Almost Home” by Moby.

I’m almost tempted to take a photo of a stuffed animal here and share it, but it’s almost time for me to finish this post.

I almost always end my posts with thanks to everybody who help me create them and — of course! —  to you, most of all.




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Day 1662: Pictures taken before disaster strikes

Have you ever been invited to go to a website of pictures taken before disaster strikes? Have you taken the bait to click and look? If so, that’s not a disaster — that’s just the human trait to focus on disaster and catastrophe.

Some of the photos in today’s post ARE pictures taken before disaster strikes.














In yesterday’s therapy group, we discussed how our expectations — including disasters — often don’t turn into reality.  Immediately after that group, I received a call about disaster striking unexpectedly.  When we had extricated our cat Harley from the crawlspace where he was hiding during the move two days before …


… somebody knocked loose an HVAC pipe, which caused significant water damage to the kitchen below.

When I talked to people about that disaster striking, the responses included:

  • “OMG!”
  • “That stinks”
  • “Is your heart okay?”
  • “We were going to remodel the kitchen anyway.”

Considering that the last response was from the person who bought our old place, I guess we’re all going to survive this latest disaster.

Here are more pictures taken immediately before disaster strikes (warning: some disturbing photos, music, and captions included):


For some musical relief from disasters, here‘s  “Pictures at an Exhibition.”

I now expect some comments. I wonder how that will turn out.

Non-disastrous thanks to all who helped me share the words, pictures, and music in today’s post and — of course! — to you, no matter what you expected.

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