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Day 892: Best

Here’s my best attempt to start today’s post:

What’s the best word or phrase you’re using, these days, to end your emails, letters, or other best  communications?

Maybe here’s the best way to ask my question:

Before you write your name, do you write “Sincerely,” “Yours truly,” or some other best word or phrase?

I’ve noticed that a lot of people write


… to best sign their written messages.

My best sign-off phrase, these days, is

All my best,

I am doing all my best not to judge things, so I truly believe that there is no better or best way to end a communication. “All my best,” is simply  my personal choice, when I sign my name.

Here are all my best images, from yesterday:




All my best attempts today could never describe how excellent it was to be at the Boston Pops last night with my best son, Aaron, and my Ex-Sister-in-Law (ESIL) Deborah, at the Simply Sondheim concert.

Yesterday — after I had given you all my best in Day 891: Remnants — best WordPresser Maureen suggested it was NOT best to call Deborah my “Ex-Sister-in-Law.” After doing all our best, last night,  to discuss what Deborah and I best call each other, Deborah used all her best to suggest


… instead of ESIL.

What do you think is all the best?

Here‘s all my best, for the best musical addition to this post.

Despite all my best efforts, I’ve never seen Sondheim’s Merrily We Roll Along, considered — by all the best people — to be one of his best.

All my best gratitude to all who helped me do all my best with today’s post, including Aaron, Deborah, Maureen, the Boston Pops, Stephen Sondheim, some of Boston’s best landmarks, and — of course! — you.

All my best,


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