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Day 761: You don’t look flu-ish

Yesterday, my venerable and long-time cardiologist, Dr. Salem — who always looks boy-ish, to me — told me to come into the hospital to get tested for endocarditis and for the flu, because I was fever-ish.

I saw a doctor — whose first name was Ann (spelled right-ish, we both agreed) — who told me I didn’t look flu-ish. She said something like,  “Most people who have the flu cannot move, they feel so blue-ish and awful-ish.” I’m sure-ish she didn’t use those exact words, but I’m close-ish.

Dr. Ann looked new-ish, but it’s difficult-ish to judge, since (1) she was wearing a mask and (2) I didn’t take a picture of her. I did take these, snap-ish-ly, when Dr. Ann’s assistant (who collects animal statues) was putting in the endocarditis orders, test-ish-ly:

IMG_5090 IMG_5091

Is it me, or does that look very platypus-ish?

It’s true(-ish)  Dr. Ann and her assistant were new-ish to me, but I could tell they were both true blue-ish


which is one motto-ish of that hospital.

I knew-ish, from past experience, that the endocarditis results would take five days to return results.  Dr. Ann told me the flu results would come back, hour-ish-ly, after I was home-ish.

I’m going to write the rest of this post quick-ish, so I can take these:


By the way-ish, what “-ish” do those look like, to you?

When I was home-ish, I got a call from Dr. Ann that the first-ish flu test said I did NOT have the flu.

To be true-ish,  as I remained fever-ish last night, I got anxious-ish, since my fear-ish-ness then went to endocarditis.  The phone range twice-ish, but I didn’t answer.  Later-ish, I picked up a message, to find out that Dr. Ann had called back-ish, to tell me that I DID have the flu, based on the second-ish result.


So am I, since I got a flu shot at work and I still don’t feel or look horribly flu-ish.

In any case-ish, I hope-ish this music is cure-ish, for whatever ails us:

You can find that blues-ish St. James Infirmary, performed by low-down-ish Eric Clapton and Dr. John,  here-ish at You-ishTube.

Thanks-ish to you-ish, for being so true blue-ish (here and now-ish).

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