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Day 266: Thoughts about Mondays

People express a lot of things about Mondays.

My guess, right now, is that there have been more songs written with “Monday” in the title, than any other weekday.

Monday song titles include:

“Monday” — Wilco

“Monday, Monday” — The Mamas & The Papas

“Monday, Monday, Monday” — Tegan and Sara

“Sunday, Monday, Tuesday” — Jessica Jones

Sunday Monday Or Always” — Bing Crosby

“Manic Monday” — The Bangles

“I Don’t Like Mondays” — Boomtown Rats

“Rainy Days And Mondays” — The Carpenters

“Permanent Monday” — Jordin Sparks

“Blue Monday” — New Order

“Blue Monday” — Fats Domino

“Goodbye Blue Monday” — City Boy

“Fell In Love On Monday” — Fats Domino

“Monday Morning” — Fleetwood Mac

“Except For Monday” — Lori Morgan

“Come Monday” by Jimmy Buffet

“Stormy Monday Blues” — The Allman Bros.

“New Moon On Monday” — Duran Duran

“It Might As Well Stay Monday From Now On” — Cher

“Monday Morning Rock” — Marshall Crenshaw

“Monday Without You” — Carole King

“Goodbye Blue Monday” — City Boy

“Monday’s Rain” — The Bee Gees

Actually, while I was researching that list, this morning (which is by no means complete), I found out that my guess, above, was completely wrong.

There are WAY more songs about Saturday and Sunday than there are about Monday.

I guess songs can be expressions of many different emotions, right?

My way-off guess, I believe, is a reflection of something I’ve often noted:

When we are in a particular state of mind, we automatically filter out memories and thoughts that aren’t related to that state.

I’m going to wrap up this blog post, because Mondays are different for me, lately. There’s a new intern I get to supervise and work with, so I have to get in earlier on Mondays.

My guess, right now, about that change, is that Mondays (and other days) are going to be better.

I’m a pretty good guesser, usually. (See this post for some possible evidence about that.)

But before I conclude a post (as regular readers may have noticed), I do like to include some kind of image, if possible.

When I first woke up this morning, I considered just posting a photo  I took yesterday, walking by a toy store.  My plan, at that point, was to ask people to guess about something.

Here’s the photo:


Here’s my question: What kind of animal is that, behind those sunglasses?

Because at first, when I walked by that toy store, I found it difficult to recognize.

Thanks, on this Monday, to guessers and learners everywhere, and to you, for reading today.

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