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Day 2493: Floundering

Because I had even more resistance to taking photos yesterday than I did the day before,  I was floundering about what to call today’s post.

“Floundering” seems right, because:

  • our leaders are floundering,
  • our institutions are floundering,
  • many people tell me they are floundering, and
  • this is the only photo I took yesterday:


That’s flounder over a peach and ginger flavored coulis with cous cous and al dente vegetables.  Michael’s cooking is a good remedy for floundering (although not for the flounder).

Today, I’m going to meet Mayor Pete Buttgieg, who doesn’t seem to be floundering even though he is running a distant fourth to Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders in the polls (and poll results were certainly floundering in our last Presidential election). And speaking of polls, I don’t understand why Cory Booker is floundering with such low polling numbers, either.  These days, I’m floundering to make sense of many things.

Here‘s “Floundering” by Carly Simon:


“She seems to be floundering again,” sings Carly Simon, but I’m not floundering about how to end this blog post.



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Day 2296: You Call The Shots

Every day, in this blog, I call the shots.  That is, I decide

  • what shots to take with my iPhone,
  • what order to share them in,
  • what words to write,
  • what audio/video piece (usually involving music) fits the topic, and
  • how to express my gratitude.

People with my Myers Briggs type (ENFP) like calling the shots and being independent. However, we don’t like calling the shots for other people or other people calling the shots for us.  Therefore, I don’t like when people tell me what to do and I don’t like telling other people what to do.  Rather, I prefer suggestion, invitation, and possibility — leaving room for me and others to decide what’s best.

Here and now, I suggest that you call the shots you like best in my photos from yesterday.













Sometimes I take shots of and take shots at things I just don’t understand.

Girls Aloud “Call the Shots” here:


Tonight I’ll be a girl aloud calling the shots at a new Open Mic, singing two of my original songs.

Now I invite you to call the shots in the comment section, below.

As usual, I’m calling the shots on how to express my gratitude to all who helped me create today’s blog post and — of course! — to YOU.


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Day 2050: WOW

  • WOW! We just arrived in Iceland via WOW airlines.
  • Do you see any WOW moments here?
  • WOW! There’s a Dunkin’ Donuts in the Iceland Airport. That reminds me of my WOW hometown of Boston.
  • I was WOWed by my conversation with my LYFT driver to Boston’s Logan Airport, Johnny.
  • We are now on our way to be WOWed by the beautiful Blue Lagoon.
  • WOW! I’m successfully publishing my first blog post from Iceland.
  • WOW thanks to all who helped me create today’s WOW post and to my readers, who continue to WOW me!
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    Day 1816: Finding gratitude

    No matter what’s happening in the world, I’m finding gratitude somewhere and somehow.

    Here and now, I’m easily finding gratitude because my son is coming home for the holidays. I’ll be finding him at the airport tonight.

    Yesterday, I was finding gratitude at a medical center.




    I was also finding gratitude when I saw these other images yesterday.











    I’m finding this song on YouTube when I search for “finding gratitude”:


    I’ll be finding gratitude if I find comments from you below, because



    Of course, I’m finding gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and for YOU.


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    Day 1788: Giving thanks

    In all my therapy groups this week, people were giving thanks.

    Today, I am giving thanks to all my readers.

    I am giving thanks for the opportunity to blog and to post pictures every day, even when they have little to do with the current topic.





    If you can make a story out of those photos, I’ll be giving thanks to you.

    Here‘s what “giving thanks” returns on YouTube:



    by Shameem

    I give thanks for the morning sunrise

    I give thanks for the clouds of rain

    I give thanks for the joy and peace in life

    I give thanks for the times of pain

    I give thanks for the green grass that grows

    I give thanks for nectarines and mangoes

    I give thanks for all the people who cross my path

    I give thanks to all the people who touch my heart

    I give thanks, I give thanks.

    I give thanks for all the love around me

    I give thanks for the truth that has found me

    I give thanks for family and for friends

    I give thanks for being able to give thanks

    I give thanks for every day that is breaking

    I give thanks for every day that I’m waking

    I give thanks for the gifts in which I’m partaking

    I give thanks for the music I’m making

    I give thanks, I give thanks.


    I’m giving thanks to all who helped me create this Thanksgiving post and — of course! — to YOU.


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    Day 1743: Wonder Woman

    The Wonder Woman who writes this blog wonders about many things, including:

    • how to hang up pictures without inflicting damage on the walls,


    • what to do with built -in wine racks in the kitchen if you don’t drink,



    • how to stop snacking at night,


    • why our cats hate this meowing snack clip so much:


    • what Harley is thinking about,
    • whether anybody is ever going to buy this donut,


    • what it would have been like to grow up and live in a world without sexism, and
    • if my readers know how grateful I am that they read this blog.



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