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Day 3606: Hope-scrolling

Last week, when I was looking for good news online about the USA midterm election, I made up the word “hope-scrolling.”

Hope-scrolling is the opposite of doomscrolling, which is defined here.

Therefore, hope-scrolling is spending screen time devoted to the absorption of positive news, which could result in helpful — or at least harmless — psychological responses.

The problem with hope-scrolling is encountering bad news along the way because (in case you haven’t noticed) most of the news online is bad.

As this daily blog approaches its 10-year anniversary, my hope is to keep it a place where it’s easy to do hope-scrolling, like (I hope) today.

On America Recycles Day and National Philanthropy Day, let’s see what I find when I search for “hope-scrolling” on YouTube.

Looks like I’m not the first to think about hope-scrolling!

Thanks to Present Moment Spoken Word and to all those who do hope-scrolling, including YOU.

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