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Day 839: Never worry alone

“Never worry alone” is something my manager likes to say.

I most recently heard him say

Never worry alone

two days ago, during his presentation on “Violence in Health Care,” at the hospital-based Primary Care Practice where we both work.

Earlier this morning, I followed his advice to

Never worry alone

by sending an email to my cardiologists, about some worries filling up space in my head.

As I approach surgery for my very unusual heart on May 4th, I hereby resolve to

Never worry alone

from now on. Does anybody want to join in with that resolution?

Yesterday, I spent some time with my friend, Deb. We never worried alone, as we walked around less-worried Watertown, Massachusetts.


That’s Chris, who told us he no longer worries about flat tires or chains, now that he alone has that most excellent bicycle.

There’s Deb. Does she look worried? Whether she is or not, she’s not alone  — I’m right there, taking pictures.



At some point, I shared with Deb my worry that I had left a bottle of heart medication pills at the Royal Restaurant in Watertown the night before.

No worries! I found those pills when Deb and I returned there for brunch: 

Deb and I shared worries and other things (including soy milk French Toast, a Gruyere and mushroom omelette, and FRIED OREOS) at The Royal.

Does anything about that worry you? It didn’t worry us, and we left The Royal for more walking.      

One thing I didn’t photograph yesterday: imagining my worries attached to a rock I found  and throwing that Worry Rock —  with Deb as my lone witness — into the Charles River. 


I wasn’t worried yesterday when I accidentally switched to black and white photography for a few shots.

Deb said I should put my name (or the non-judgmental name of this blog) on my custom-made t-shirts. Should I worry about that?

Should I worry about which “Worry” song to include today?

Never worry alone, when Stevie Wonder is making such beautiful music on YouTube.

I’m not worrying alone now, thanks to my manager, my cardiologists, Deb, Chris and his bicycle, Watertown, the Royal Restaurant, the Charles River, my Worry Rock, Stevie Wonder, soy milk French toast and fried Oreos, kids and pogo sticks, peaceful frogs and people, and — of course! — you.

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