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Day 3728: Consentient

“Consentient” showed up in my mailbox yesterday as the word of the day and I assume we’re consentient about understanding what words mean.

With so much emphasis these days on disagreement, I hope we’re consentient that refocusing on how we agree might be helpful.

I wonder if people are consentient about the images I have to share with you today.

I think people are consentient about the importance of sleep, so Happy World Sleep Day, everybody!

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “consentient.”


I look forward to consentient comments and thanks to all who are consentient about visiting my blog, including YOU!

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Day 3598: Control

I can’t control what other people have said about control, but I can control which control quotes I share today.


Do you see control in my images for today?


I can control what music I share here, So today I choose “Remote Control” by Wayne Shorter.


I can’t control what you do, but I can control how I express my gratitude to you, here and now.

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Day 3587: Whatever gets you through the night

Now that I’ve gotten through another night, I’m hearing John Lennon’s “Whatever Gets You Thru the Night” in my head.

Whatever got me through the night included these images that I captured yesterday.

Whatever gets you through this October day and night, it’s all right, it’s all right.

Gratitude gets me through the day and night, so thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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Day 3525: Too many

Yesterday, I blogged about having too many thoughts which interfere with my being in the moment. From my work in groups, I know that too many people share that difficulty of focusing on the present.

I hope I don’t have too many images to share today — I have to start my work day soon!

Some people get too many likes on Twitter.
Too many of us don’t get the forgiveness we deserve.
I ordered too many harnesses for Joan, but the third one works really well.
Joan ate too many plants, as we found out later in the day (you’ll just have to take my word on that one).
This blog post won’t have too many more captions, because they might distract from the too-cuteness of Joan.
Stop and smell the flowers! (Too many of us forget to do that.)
I’m not too many miles away from Boston.
After taking too many photos of this structure (which I’ve also seen from planes), I still don’t know what it is.
Some people think there are too many graffiti on whatever that is.


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “too many.”

Thanks to Too Many Zooz, Joan, the Daily Bitch, and too many wonderful others to identify by name, including YOU!

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Day 3415: I like this place in Oregon

Yesterday, when I saw this on a bulletin board at the beautiful Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon …

… I said to my dear friend Maria, “That’s the title of tomorrow’s blog.”

I like many places in Oregon too, especially when I am surrounded by lovely people and animals in Portland and also — from a distance — lovely people and animals in Boston and on social media.

What places do you like in today’s post?

I like this place in Oregon and I like that Michael sent me photos of the Daily Bitch Calendar I forgot to pack back in Boston.

I like this place in every day’s blog post when I express gratitude for all those I like, including YOU.

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Day 3310: Funny feelings

I’ve got a funny feeling that my images today are about “funny,” “feelings,” or both.

I’ve got a funny feeling that if you click on that screen shot to get free or discounted pies, it’s not going to work. Here’s the link to do that if you have feelings about pies:

I have a funny feeling that Joan wants to play.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “funny feelings”:

I have a funny feeling that there will be some funny comments on today’s blog.

One feeling I always have is gratitude, so thanks to all who help me post every day, including YOU.

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Day 3252: How I spent Thanksgiving 2021

How I spent Thanksgiving 2021 included:

  • blogging,
  • taking a walk,
  • spending time with people I love,
  • missing those who weren’t there,
  • eating vegetarian “turkey” and pie,
  • observing precious creatures at play,
  • facing fears,
  • staying safe,
  • reaching 16K followers on Twitter,
  • giving thanks for every precious moment, and
  • listening to Anaïs Mitchell’s 2010 concept album “Hadestown.”

Now I’m thinking about how I’m going to spend the day after Thanksgiving (which will include working from home and reading your comments about this blog post).

No matter what day it is, I give thanks for you!

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Day 3133: Rhetorical Questions

Do people know what rhetorical questions are?

Do you see rhetorical questions in any of my images for today?

Should I check YouTube for rhetorical questions?

Here’s a song that asks a rhetorical question:

Might you consider leaving a comment about this post?

Is gratitude a good way to end a post about rhetorical questions?

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Day 3106: Hugs

Hugs to all my readers!

It’s so wonderful to be experiencing in-person hugs with friends after all those months of virtual hugs (which have also been life-sustaining).

Are you getting enough hugs these days? Let’s see if there are any hugs in my images for today.


When I was a kid, every time Norma Tanega’s “Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog” came on the radio, it felt like a virtual hug to me.

Now I’m giving a virtual hug to the late Norma Tanega for all the joy she gave me and others.

Who would you like to hug, here and now?

Hugs and thanks to all who help me experience virtual hugs through this blog every day, including YOU!

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Day 2593: Fresh on so many levels

Yesterday,  when I was fresh from a very good meeting with my cardiologist Dr. Deeb Salem, I saw this:


There so many levels of meaning for the word “fresh.”

FRESH adjective
\ ˈfresh \
Definition of fresh
1a : having its original qualities unimpaired: such as
(1): full of or renewed in vigor : REFRESHED
rose fresh from a good night’s sleep
(2): not stale, sour, or decayed
fresh bread
(3): not faded
lessons fresh in her memory
(4): not worn or rumpled
a fresh white shirt

b: not altered by processing
fresh vegetables
2a: not salt
fresh water
b(1): free from taint : PURE
fresh air
(2)of wind : moderately strong
a fresh breeze

3a(1): experienced, made, or received newly or anew
form fresh friendships
a fresh start
a fresh portrayal
c: lacking experience : RAW
coming fresh to the job
— Helen Howe
d: just come or arrived
fresh from school
e: having the milk flow recently established
a fresh cow
4[ probably by folk etymology from German frech] : disposed to take liberties : IMPUDENT
don’t get fresh with me

I hope my other photos in today’s fresh post  are fresh on so many levels.



















Here‘s a song I remember that used the word “fresh”.

I’ll be looking for so many levels in your fresh comments, below.

I’m grateful on so many levels, here and now.



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