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Day 3013: Signs of Spring

Do you see signs of spring in these images that are springing out of my iPhone onto your screen?

Poets are a sign of spring, because April is National Poetry Month in the USA.

From now on, the amazing 1967 French musical The Young Girls of Rochefort (Les Demoiselles de Rochefort) starring George Chakiris, Catherine Deneuve, her sister Françoise Dorléac, and GENE KELLY, directed by Jacques Demy, with music by Michel Legrand, is going to be a sign of spring for me, because I first discovered it in the spring of 2021.

Here’s the opening of The Young Girls of Rochefort:

Here are the sisters:

Gene Kelly always has a spring in his step, here and everywhere else:

If you make a comment, below, that will be another wonderful sign of spring for me.

I am always grateful for signs of spring and for all who help me create these daily posts, including YOU.

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Day 2700: Annoying

Is it annoying that

  • you can’t spell “Annoying” without “Ann”?
  • Ann likes to share the Daily Bitch Calendar?


  • it’s going to get worse before it gets really worse before it gets better?
  • there are so many conflicting messages and predictions out there?
  • there’s so much litter out there?


  • some people wear masks and others don’t?




  • social distancing is so much easier some places than others?




  • hope can be hard to find?

  • good hearts can be hard to find?

  • dogs and cats live such short lives compared to people?





  • I get to enjoy Michael’s meals and you don’t?





  • I sometimes put people in my blog without asking their permission (like Michael)?

However, I DID ask the wonderful Maddie Freeman’s permission if I could put this amazing performance of “Dusty Trails” in my blog, which features Maddie and Rohini Rege on vocals, Caroline Rosa on vocals and guitar, and Leslie Wolf and Maddie’s fiancé Michael Friedman on strings.

Is it annoying that I’m linking here to the other blog post where Maddie makes an appearance?

What IS annoying to you?

If you find gratitude annoying, get ready to be annoyed.


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