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Day 3679: One-off

This blog post is a one-off because no other post of mine has and will use this title. Here’s a definition of one-off:

Here’s a one-off question I asked last night on Twitter:

I assumed I would get very different types of responses to that one-off question and I did. Somebody with PTSD responded with this very helpful chart:

Many of us think something bad is going to happen again, even if it only happened once (and was therefore a one-off). On the other hand, many of us hope for something good to happen again, even if that was a one-off.

I guess we don’t know if anything is truly a one-off if we have more days ahead of us.

Do you see any one-offs in my other images for today?

If I ever meet a truly awful person, I hope that will be a one-off.

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “one-off.”

I look forward to one-off comments from you and thanks for reading this one-off post!

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