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Day 3315: Promises

Just now, I noticed that the Bidens have fulfilled one of their campaign promises from last year.


The New York Times, which promises “all the news that’s fit to print,” is all over that story, too.

This promises more uplifting news stories ahead for all us cat lovers.

I promise more uplifting images in today’s blog.

I promise that the label “weird” often comes up in my therapy groups, and it’s promising that people usually embrace the label “weird” in a promisingly positive and productive way.

I promise to check YouTube for a good song for this “Promises” blog.

I promise you that “Promises, Promises” has been running through my head since I started creating this post.

If you leave a comment below, I promise to respond very soon.

A promise I make and keep is to express gratitude to those who help me fulfill the promise of each new precious day, including YOU!

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Day 3170: What does the world need?

Does the world need an explanation of what inspired my blog post title today?

If so, here’s the answer, which arrived in the mail yesterday:

The world needs therapy, according to that brochure. I’m a therapist, but there’s only so much I can do. (Also, I’m still on vacation, for two more days.)

Do you see what the world needs in my other photos for today?

Personally, I don’t think the world needs all this pumpkin spice.

Do you see what the world needs in these tweets?

I think the world needs us to preserve our favorite sounds from nature.

Here’s a great song about what the world needs:

I think the world needs comments from you about what the world needs.

What the world also needs is gratitude, so thanks to all who read this blog, including YOU.

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