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Day 946: Putting worries to bed

It would be very easy to list all the things I could be worrying about right now, including:

  1. Flying, next Tuesday, to Edinburgh,
  2. Whether I’ve chosen the “correct” new car,
  3. A presentation about my therapy groups I’m giving next Monday,
  4. My son, who is 17 and appearing this weekend in a production of Green Day’s “American Idiot” (although he’s no American idiot),
  5. 17 year olds, everywhere,
  6. One of our cats, who peed out of the box (and who shall remain nameless, because we don’t know which one it is),
  7. My heart (which is very unusual),
  8. My head (which is very unusual),
  9. My sleep (which is insufficient) (which is not unusual, at least here in the USA),
  10. Any physical and emotional pain, in my vicinity,
  11. All the things that need to get done for my 45th High School reunion,
  12. All the things that need to get done everywhere else,
  13. Various items of varying necessity I variously have trouble locating,
  14. How well I’ll be able to write and post pictures on WordPress while my son, my excellente ex-sister-in-law, and I are in Edinburgh,
  15. How much I can really do for my clients who deal with so much adversity and injustice,
  16. All the wonderful blogs I have so little time to visit or comment on,
  17. People I may have misunderstood or offended, and
  18. All the awful things in the world the media is reporting on, while I’m writing this.

To repeat, it would be very easy to list things I could be worrying about right now. And easy it was — it took me less than three shakes of a cat’s tail

to create that list.

But rather than focus on any list of worries, I am going to concentrate on putting worries to bed.

Yes, I am going to tuck those worries into bed next to a slowly tail-shaking cat, and wish them sweet dreams.

Let’s see if I have any images on my iPhone to amuse or soothe those worries, as they fall into slumber.



Which  pictures do you think might help put worries to bed?

Personally, I’m going to (1) pick the Yardbunny and (2) imagine writing the following on a blank yellow sticky note or on a blank sign in somebody’s yard:

Go to bed, worries!

Finally, here‘s a tune sung by some non- Yardbirds to turn, turn, turn  worries toward sleep:

Worry-free thanks to the list of things that helped me create this post (and fall back asleep last night) and to you — of course! — for bringing your worried or unworried self here, today.

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