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Day 419: LOL

Today is my only child’s birthday. My son is 16 years old.  Happy birthday, Aaron!

Last year on this date, the post title was  “Day 54: My son’s birthday” and — leaping old lizards! — I sure don’t want to use the same title twice. 1

I chose “LOL,” because my son:

  • makes me Laugh Out Loud,
  • helps me Learn Outstanding Lessons, and
  • is a Love Of my Life.

And while my son expresses annoyance about:

  • abbreviations like LOL,
  • non-precise language,
  • how often I tell him I love him, and
  • my use of “dear reader,” capitalized acronyms, and some of my other blogging conventions …

I often observe Looks of Love, on his Laconic, Old-Soul, Luminous face.

Ooops! I better stop before I embarrass him (on the off-chance he reads this post). Although it’s probably too late for that.

Lord, Oh Lord, it can be difficult for a mother NOT to embarrass her 16-year-old son.2  For example, mothers often share things their kids did when they were much younger. Geesh, that IS embarrassing, isn’t it?

And which, of course, I’m going to do right now (as I also did, in that birthday post, a year ago).3

Here’s something hanging in our back hallway right now, which my son created for Mother’s Day, many years ago:


I like — okay, LOVE — that. As a matter of fact, I’m LOL-ing, right now.

Loads Of Loving thanks to my son and to Lots Of Laughers, everywhere. And thanks to you – of course! — for the Light Of Life you bring here, today.

1 I’ve already re-used a title in this blog, due to Laziness Or Lateness, but I’d rather avoid that, if possible.

2 Although, Aaron tells me I’m doing okay with that, so far.

3 In case I’m being too subtle, check out that post for some wonderful Aaron-generated LOLs, okay?4

4 Or, if you’re lazy or lethargic like me (I mean, it IS the weekend), or otherwise less than likely to link, here are those LOLs, right here:

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