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Day 3209: What’s a perfect gift for you?

Last night, after a day of many gifts, I asked this question on Twitter.

My perfect gift of a friend and college roommate, Marcia, gave me those chocolates when she visited us with her daughter Ellen and her son-in-law, Tim.

My perfect gift of a husband, Michael, took those two photos. Spending time with wonderful people you cherish and love is always a perfect gift.

Earlier in the day, I received the gift of a text from our vet saying that Joan the cat’s skin problem was looking much better (but not perfect).

The vet suggested that we get this product …

… to spray on Joan to prevent her from licking herself there, so we could give her the perfect gift of removing her cone.

Joan thought the Bitter YUCK was perfectly tasty, so the perfect gift of throwing away that cone is going to have to wait.

Joan is the perfect gift, cone and all.

Do you see any perfect gifts in my other images for today?

Desserts and being free sound like perfect gifts to me.

Here’s “Gift of a Friend” by Demi Lovato, which I think is perfect for this blog post.

What’s the perfect gift for you?

Many thanks for the perfect gift of your visit here, today!

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Day 2286: Don’t forget

Don’t forget

  • to tip your server,
  • to look both ways before you cross the street,
  • to look before you leap,
  • the words when you’re singing at an Open Mic (like I am tonight),
  • to save your notes while you’re typing them after you get a new work computer that’s supposed to be better but which is making your life a living hell (as I told the Help Desk yesterday),
  • to be careful not to step in fresh concrete (as I did on Wednesday but apparently so did lots of other people),
  • that lots of other people share your anxieties and worries (which people discover in therapy groups),
  • the richness and diversity in the world,
  • that travel expands the mind,
  • that it’s baseball season again,
  • to do your homework,
  • to reframe unhelpful thoughts,
  • to let people know you appreciate them, and
  • to share what you love with other people.















Don’t forget these “Don’t Forget” songs (here, here, and here on YouTube).

Don’t forget to comment on this post.

I don’t forget to express my gratitude at the end of my blog posts. Thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU!


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