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Day 590: Plug

I really want to start this post with a definition of the word “plug.”  However, I’m afraid to do that, right now, because — in the past — when I’ve copied and pasted a definition here, it has often wreaked havoc with the formatting of my post, in horrifying ways.

I’m noticing my use of the word “horrifying,” right there.  That seems like an extreme, overly dramatic word … doesn’t it?  I mean, what’s so terrible about a blog post with screwed up spacing, type styles, and other formatting problems?

Okay!  I’m going to take a breath, and insert a definition of “plug,” which I just found on Google:

Before I do, though, I’m trying to remember … will I reduce the chances for disaster if I use the “quote” button at the top of this Create a Post page?

I can’t remember.  Oh, no!

I still seem to be anxious about this. I wonder why?

Well, for one thing, I’m using a new WordPress way for creating a new post, this morning. Things looking new and otherwise seeming unfamiliar can definitely increase my sense of danger.

Well, I’m going to resolve — for the second time, in this post! — to take a deep breath and just plug in the definition of the word “plug,” right now…. consequences be damned!


Okay, I made the decision to use the Quote Button, above, to plug in the definition of “plug.”  However, I also have another decision to make: shall I use regular “Paste” or “Paste and Match Style”?


I’ve already made several plugs, in this post so far, for letting go of anxiety by

  1. letting go of catastrophizing
  2. taking a breath
  3. taking a plunge
  4. having faith that things will work out, well enough, no matter what decision I choose, at any point

… but I don’t seem to be listening to myself.

(deep breath)

Okay, here we go:

noun: plug; plural noun: plugs
  1. an obstruction blocking a hole, pipe, etc.
    “somewhere in the pipes there is a plug of ice blocking the flow”
    synonyms: stopper, bung, cork, seal, spile More

    • a circular piece of metal, rubber, or plastic used to stop the drain of a bathtub or basin and keep the water in it.
    • NORTH AMERICAN informal
      a baby’s pacifier.
    • a mass of solidified lava filling the neck of an old volcano.
    • (in gardening) a young plant or clump of grass with a small mass of soil protecting its roots, for planting in the ground.
  2. a device for making an electrical connection, especially between an appliance and a power supply, consisting of an insulated casing with metal pins that fit into holes in an outlet.
  3. informal
    a piece of publicity promoting a product, event, or establishment.
    “he threw in a plug, boasting that the restaurant offered many entrées for under $5”
    synonyms: advertisement, promotion, commercial, recommendation, mention,good word; More

  4. a piece of tobacco cut from a larger cake for chewing.
    synonyms: wad, quid, twist, chew, cake, stick More

    • tobacco in large cakes designed to be cut for chewing.
      noun: plug tobacco; plural noun: plugs tobacco
    a lure with one or more hooks attached.
  6. short for fireplug.
  7. .
    NORTH AMERICAN informal
    a tired or old horse.
verb: plug; 3rd person present: plugs; past tense: plugged; past participle: plugged; gerund or present participle: plugging
  1. block or fill in (a hole or cavity).
    “trucks arrived loaded with gravel to plug the hole and clear the road”
    synonyms: stop (up), seal (up/off), close (up/off), cork, stopper, bung, block (up/off), fill (up) More

    • insert (something) into an opening so as to fill it.
      “the baby plugged his thumb into his mouth”
  2. informal
    mention (a product, event, or establishment) publicly in order to promote it.
    “during the show he plugged his new record”
    synonyms: publicize, promote, advertise, mention, bang the drum for, draw attention to; More

  3. NORTH AMERICAN informal
    shoot or hit (someone or something).
    synonyms: shoot, gun down; More

  4. informal
    proceed steadily and laboriously with a journey or task.
    “during the years of poverty, he plugged away at his writing”
    synonyms: toil, labor, slave away, soldier on, persevere, persist, keep on; More

early 17th century: from Middle Dutch and Middle Low German plugge, of unknown ultimate origin.

Nothing awful has happened here, so far.  I did have to get rid of some extraneous numbers, in the definition above, but that took me … all of one minute.

AND, now that I’ve plugged in that definition, and returned to the regular formatting of this post, things SEEM to be normal enough.

However, in times past, I’ve thought things were okay, but when I’ve done a Preview of the post, I’ve seen unexpected problems.

But, you know what?  I can deal with that. We’ll all survive, no matter what this post looks like.  We’ve proved that — over Five Hundred and Ninety days of posting — haven’t we?

There’s nothing to do now, except plug in some photos I’ve taken recently that fit in with this post.

Here’s #1 (taken two days ago):


And here’s another one (a #2 definition, actually), taken this morning:


Before I (1) end this post, (2) continue to prepare for my trip to Scotland in two days, and (3) leave for work, I would like to make a plug (first definition #3, above) for the following helpful things:


I’d also like to include something else we’ve added to that list in my office, since I last showed you that:

Have faith in your own process.

Hmmm. I just discovered one disadvantage of using the NEW WordPress way of creating a new post. I don’t see, right now, how to add a link to a previous post.

That’s OK. I can plug that leak, no problem!

Thanks to all those who let go of fear, try new things, and use plugs (especially for themselves).  And a special thanks to you — of course! — for plugging away (last definition) with me, today.

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