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Day 2552: We

Over the past seven years, I have written many blog posts with “We” in the title, including:

Do we agree that I’ve written lots of posts about “We”?

Here’s a short poem titled “We.”


by Ann Koplow

“We” is my favorite pronoun.

It’s much better than “I.”

We are taking vows today

Which will last until we die.

Are we ready for my photos from yesterday?







We (Michael and I) love Jane, the realtor who helped us find the home where we are so happy and who sent us a card, flowers,  gingerbread cookies, and cookie-decorating materials yesterday to celebrate our wedding, which is today!

We wish you could all be there to celebrate with us, but we’re told that we can bring only twelve people with us to the civil ceremony.

Here‘s the “We” song I choose for today’s “We” post.

We belong together and I am so grateful for you and for us!

* We** are particularly proud of Day 759: We go on.

** We are comfortable, sometimes, using the royal we.

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